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Ah jeez, where has this week gone? One moment I was waking up Monday morning with no alarm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Amy and now it is Sunday, and I am waking up at Fliss’ in London after a long day of catch ups, drinking and dancing. This week has been filled with so many nice things and even though the weather turned out to be really rather crummy for August It was just the week I needed. This is my weekly round-up.

Going up

Amy coming to stay – Amy (Griff) you will have heard about before, she is my (old) housemate from uni who still lives down in Wales. Last year I went down to stay with her, and we promised we would make more effort to see each other as we used to be so good at it but as you all know, life carries on and we are all busy bees, but with a combination of me needing to use a lot of holiday and Amy being a teacher we decided for her to come up mid week. She stayed for three days and it was absolutely perfect. We started Monday with a walk with Dougal round Bradgate park, some yummy food, La La Land (again) Game of Thrones, (that Monday night Episode) and Beauty on the Beast. Tuesday we awoke to some awful weather, so we lounged whilst eating breakfast and continued to watch Beauty of the Beast before going to visit my nephew at my Mum’s and then went off to Market Harborough to take him to soft play (hell on earth) and Starbucks which was delish and then over to Leicester (child free) for a spot of panic shopping for London on Saturday followed by an absolutely delicious meal at Casa Romano. Wednesday brought, even more, rain so we drank tea watched the Jungle book, binged of a few snacks and just chilled. It might not have been the most exciting trip to Leicester but it was the nicest few days just chilling out, eating, consuming an Amy amount of tea, and watching films. I can’t remember the last time I allowed myself so much chill time. 


The bottom right photo is the two of us in Cardiff last summer. 

Having the best Mum – I never thought she would get a mention on here like this, we are not that sort of family, we argue like cat and dog and I am sure I annoy her in equal measures but she really does go above and beyond to help not only us three but everyone she knows out of a pickle. With my tyre, phone and window wipers she has been so helpful helping me sort them all because yes I had no idea how to fit window wipers or how I was going to pay for my screen to be fixed and she just helps us out, tells me my life isn’t a heap of shit and to get it together. I genuinely don’t know what I would do without her.  

Weekend in London – This weekend we have been residing at Fliss’ and Laura’s house for a few days to celebrate (belatedly) some birthdays and just enjoy a good old catch up and drinks in the big smoke. We started yesterday (after a long drive down) with bottomless brunch at Grand Cafe Villandry, followed by more drinking and a night out before crashing on free beds available. I always love my summer days in London, actually any days in London and really wish I could be here more often at the minute. 

Going down

Kylie leaving – One of the worst days this year was hearing Kylie, (my little Partner in crime not that we do anything wrong at work) had handed in her notice and she was leaving the company. Kylie has been at the company the same amount of time as me and I feel I have learned so much and grown so much as a person thanks to her. She is older than me and she has put up with some of my shitty comments a favourite of hers being when I said all women should get maternity leave because some might want a year with their dog (in my defence I was 22). She has made me cry with laughter, I honestly have had the best time with her, she has been my rock through really shit times, she has a cup of tea waiting for me when I get to work, I will miss our morning catch ups, I will miss hearing about her family and the morning dramas, I will miss her wisdom and level headed approach to situations I would blow up about usually. She is an absolute dream to work with and she is moving on to the luckiest team in the world. I will still speak to her on a daily basis but it is not the same as seeing her and she even bought us presents! The three of us received goody bags of treats and bubble baths, a montage of memories and yummy treats. What an absolute dream she is. 

Everyone getting excited for Autumn – Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love autumn I did a whole post on it last year here. I love that hygge feeling you get at home, strictly come dancing, antiques road show, cups of tea, blankets, slippers, baths, orange leaves of the floor, pumpkin spiced everything BUT GUYS IT’S AUGUST, AUGUST. It is still summer, I know the weather is not geared up for bikinis and beaches but please please for my sake at least just chill on the ‘hurry up Autumn shit’. I counted down for spring this year after a winter so long I felt I was in Game of Thrones, I can’t cope with the fast forwarding to winter. For anyone who is eagerly awaiting this season please come and spend some time on a farm in the winter. It’s a mud fest of coldness. 

Monumental phone smash – A few weeks ago I mentioned that I managed to break my phone, puncture my tyre (beyond repair) and lose my window wiper. They were my three, my three bad things. Bad things come in threes people say?? Well, Thursday morning after happily getting by with a spiders web of a broken phone screen it self-destructed in the most monumental way. The result was two screens, a duplicate of my screen on top of another screen, two of everything. It was a nightmare. After some phenomenally outrage quotes, £130 and 3-5 days without my phone, yes you in Rugby who I am sure will be doing something dodgy with your data my Mum found an absolute gem on the Melton Road in Leicester it cost me £60 to get an iPhone 7 fixed and only 15 minutes and in that time I was able to grab the yummiest passion fruit juice at this bar with my lovely friend Zeenat, so all phone breakages have a silver lining I guess.  

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