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With my welcomed time off I finally had the opportunity to put aside some time to catch up on reading, TV films, and podcasts and they have come in abundance. All but my reading which I am still struggling to find the urge to curl up with a book. I don’t know what has happened recently. I can’t find a real page turner or switch my mind off long enough to sit still. Apart from my awful attempt at getting through books, I have been reading, watching and listening to some really good stuff recently.

I feel this post is very anti social media which is not me at all, for one, I absolutely love social media and secondly, I have a business which we have marketed prominently through these free tools so I am not going to start slating them but I think recently I have had a little bit too much of having the world at my finger tips from just a personal health perspective which is probably why I have enjoyed these so much. The irony that I read, watched or listened to them on my Mac or iPhone sums me up really. 


The circle Netflix – I don’t think this is a good film, so don’t give up on me yet. To be honest I thought it was an awful film but the story is so important and I am desperate to pick up the book, which unlike the film was highly praised. The circle is an American ‘techno thriller’ (is that even a genre?) directed by James Ponsoldt based on Dave Eggers, 2013 novel of the same name. It follows Mae Holland who has the opportunity of a lifetime to join the World’s most powerful tech and social media company. Mae takes the opportunity to get a head by taking part in an experiment that pushes the boundaries of what we share online and with others. This decision soon starts to change the lives and futures of friends and family and how we all live and engage in each other’s lives and just shows how much involvement and access companies could have to us. Whilst the film wasn’t great, it tried to portray how cultures at Google and Facebook would continue to develop, and was a real insight into how technology is set to continue to encompass everything we need into one hub. 


I really enjoyed this article on The Psychology of a like, I know a few of us are guilty of deleting a weak performing Instagram photo or reading up on the best times to post on social media, I know a good majority of you out there just couldn’t give AF about how many likes your photo gets but if you are one of those who does, give this a read it clears some things up. 

Blog posts 

Sophie Cliff’s – Wedding week – I know I mention Sophie Cliff a lot, but it is so hard not to, not only is she an absolute babe who some how manages to juggle a full-time job and amazing blog her content is always incredible and always makes me feel better on a stressful day. I also like that she posts them early so I can read them before I get out of bed in the morning. Stepping away from my social media moan I spent a week reading Sophie’s wedding week, a week of daily posts on her wedding to her lovely Husband Sam. I am for sure not getting married anytime soon but I absolutely loved these posts and found myself looking forward to reading these each morning. I think you will all agree she looked beautiful and had the most envious smile around. 

Relating back to the circle (sorry didn’t take long) was this post from The Little Plum on our generation and have our phones made us more disconnected? I receive memes all the time from my friends, mainly of the Kardashians pulling faces and some reference to me ignoring phone calls. I screen 90% of my calls. I don’t know why truthfully. I love talking, I love catching up with my friends, I have no concerns with calling people I don’t know, I am even happy with cold calling so when my best friends are trying to call me I don’t know where this dread of what they have to say comes from. Sometimes it is because I have things to do and more often than not if I am chilling on the sofa watching something that can be paused, or driving or walking somewhere I will answer but this article on how we plan to make plans, based on a quote from the circle really resonates with me.


I have been listening to quite a few Podcasts lately. I listen to them a lot when I get into bed if I don’t want to read but I want to keep away from the glare of screens. My favourite lately was a Desert Island disc with Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook  I did find the beginning a little uncomfortable, Kirsty had a strong journalist approach which isn’t usually so prominent in a Desert Island Discs and Sheryl had very rehearsed answers which you would expect from someone working at Facebook but nonetheless It was a brilliant, honest, inspiring and heartbreaking listen which I learnt so much from.

Keeping it candid is a new podcast by two bloggers Millie Cotton and Sophie Milner. I am a bit obsessed with Sophie’s blog Fashion Slave at the moment and she uploads entertaining Insta stories each day so I was really excited to start listening to their new podcast and it has not disappointed so far. Although completely different topics it has been a welcomed step in for Lily and Anna’s At Home with Podcast series which recently finished. 

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