The reasons why I like to take Home holidays

Taking ‘staycations’ to new levels, I have this thing for taking ‘home’ holidays. Time off work to actually just spend some time with me, myself and I (and the dog) at home. It was something I started doing in the last few years, well since I had my own house and I really, seriously love them. 

I am known at work as a bit of a holiday hoarder. I never use it, I store it up until August when my manager begins to panic I am never going to use it all by the end of the year. Sure I take the odd day here and there. City breaks, for weddings, my birthday etc but what I really love is to save some time to have some home holidays. This all begun one year when I had the holiday to use and no one and no money to go on holiday with. I wanted to visit Amy in Cardiff and there was so much I wanted to do at home so I decided to just take a week off. After that, I booked another week in November last year to do the same and a string of Monday’s off to soften the blow on Sunday evenings. This is why I love home Holidays.

  • You can chill on the sofa without feeling guilty that you should be using the ‘weekend’/ free time for something productive
  • You can go to coffee shops and relax without feeling you should be doing a house job, riding the horse, walking the dog, or at the gym
  • You can have long lie ins because everyone is at work
  • You can tackle those admin jobs you have been putting off because call centres aren’t open at the weekend
  • You get one on one family time (like the needy person I am)
  • Shops are quiet
  • You can get jobs done at home
  • You can enjoy the things at home you are usually too busy to do
  • You can check out the local places you always put off because you have to be else where or it doesn’t seem important enough when time is limited
  • It doesn’t cost you anything
  • You can catch up with friends
  • You actually sleep/have peaceful lie ins without thinking you need to make the most of your time in a new place
  • You have time to catch up on your favourite programmes or read books.
  • There is a good chance you won’t waste any time feeling hungover because people don’t want to go crazy with you on a work night
  • You go to the gym because it is quiet and you are not on a beach in Cancun
  • Above all, it does wonders for your mental health

Don’t get me wrong these holidays will never substitute travelling and experiencing a new place and how much that improves my well-being. This year I have been to Prague, I have enough trip planned in September and I have managed to squeeze in some UK city breaks too. Not the most glamorous of travelling years but sometimes your priorities change and money and time needs to be spent else where and I have seriously enjoyed having the time at home, sometimes the art in relaxing needs to be what you do and not where you are. 

So the next time you are feeling like everything is becoming too much, and you need a ‘holiday’ try taking some undisturbed, actual (no working from home) time off at home. 

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