What I do when I need a bit of positivity

I feel I have shared a number on posts on how to make myself happy, or what I do after a crap day, or even how to reduce feeling stressed, but haven’t covered anything on days where I am in a good mood, things really are actually going well but it’s my outlook on the situations that are happening that ruin my mood. As the saying goes ‘Have you had a bad day or have you had a bad five minutes’? I let these bad five minutes build into a bad day because I let negative thoughts about money, social occasions, my anxiety get me down quicker than I know it is happening.

I have mentioned many times that I follow the secret and whether the idea works or not I do know the power of positive thinking can change my mood and my outlook on a situation almost instantly, if I choose to be positive and happy the situations always seem a lot less dyer even though the situation itself has not changed.

So these are some of the things I do when I want to change from being – the world is ending fun sponge – to someone a bit more emotionally stable.

Pinterest – is always my first port of call for a bit of positivity. Whenever I click onto my Pinterest home page there is always an inspirational quote waiting for me, making me remember why I am working away and what I am doing, or remembering how amazing my friends and family are. There are always cute pins of dogs, or some home inspiration to remind myself how lucky I am but this also distracts me from what was troubling me and sets me off repinning things for the bathroom or adding a few things to my private vision board that I want to achieve and gives me a bit of a boost of motivation.

Gratitude Journal – I have been keeping this for about four years now and I am sure I would rather burn them than read them back they really help me focus my attention on the positives taking place in my life. It has also been nice to look back over the months to see how much progress I make even if I don’t feel it.

Perspective- I will usually head over to WhatsApp to catch up with the girls, throw in a funny meme or try and strike up a conversation, the random ones always end up including something that will make me laugh or just catch up on what everyone else is up to. We all know deep down that we are not the hardest done to people out there are I know I am bloody lucky to have my life but it doesn’t stop us from wallowing from time to time. If I want a quick hit back to reality I go straight to my mum who just tells me how it is and asks if I want to swap places with [insert someone who actually has a reason to feel sorry for themselves] for a bit and it makes me realise I need to be grateful for the opportunities I get given and not sulk because my phone broke.

Tea – That first sip of a piping hot, perfectly made cup of tea. is 99% of the time all I need to remember how great things are.

Something that makes me cry with laughter – Whether it is a youtube video that guarantees a good laugh, reading some terrible auto corrects, Pinterest fails or just a good laugh with my friends. There is nothing like laughter to switch my outlook. 

Cuddle with the dog – He is not the most affectionate of pooches but a good old cuddle with the dog makes me realise how lucky I have been so far he is a real gem or taking Rooney out just me and him, a few miles with no screen time and just the countryside makes me feel instantly more at ease.

A run – It doesn’t matter if I run a mile or more just getting out the house and doing something that pushes me, something that I never thought I would ever be able to do makes me feel so much more energised and motivated about what I can actually achieve.

Make a plan – I know a lot of people tell you to be happy, live in the moment and not rely on future plans to be happy, which I do often try to live by but sometimes when things are feeling a bit stale an exciting plan to visit a new place or meet up with friends can just be what you need to lift your spirits. 



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  • I do love planning – it gives me hope for the future and something to look forward to, which is always good! I don’t have a gratitude journal but I have seen some cheap but very cute ones going so I might just go and buy one! My dog always cheers me up 😀

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

    • I just get a nice note book from paper chase i really like the fabric covered ones and use those as my gratitude journals you don’t have to spend a lot, its what you write down in it that counts. Dogs are seriously the best, I am looking after my sisters as well this week, they are the nicest company!

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