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Blogging was something I never entertained until 3 years ago. My creative writing never really went further than the pony stories I used to write for my mum in the evenings when I was 9 (I’m sure she read at least one of them) so putting my musings out there on in a blog for all to judge just didn’t ever sound like something I would put myself through.

I don’t know what the turning point was, why I started this little space on the internet. I can remember my first posts around my brace journey /healthy places to eat. Neither ground breaking, looking back both are a bit cringe but it is something I am so proud of myself for starting and something I genuinely believe everyone should do, whether the consensus out there is that the blogosphere is oversaturated or not, there is always room for anyone who wants to start. Not only has it given me the confidence I never thought I would have, it’s taught me things I would have never needed to know and I have met some of the loveliest people I would have never come across without blogging.

These are my reasons why I think everyone should start a blog: 

Confidence boost I think many people have bloggers down as over sharers, self-absorbed people that do everything just to upload on to Instagram and their blog, but that could not be further from the truth. This blog has been a platform for me to put myself out there, knowing people can know a bit about me from here makes it so much easier to meet new people. If I can put this information up on here for the world to see I can strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know, and I can’t tell you what a difference that has made. 

Improve your writing – My writing is far from perfect but it has come on leaps and bounds since I started this blog and this has transferred directly into my professional writing in my career. I am far more conscious of sentence structures and how to make my sentences stronger, to get my point across in a more concise and professional manner.  

It gives you your own platform – It is your platform, your space to put across your opinions, beliefs, values, and views. For many, it is a portfolio and extension of a CV and opportunity to show off talents and highlight to others just what you are capable of. It is a platform where you can meet new people, make new friends and find out new information. 

To make new friends –According to my friends from Two Hour Blogger, one of the biggest positives that have come from blogging is making new friends. I am closer to people I knew vaguely before and I have a whole bunch of girls I love catching up with who I would have never met if it wasn’t for my blog

Extra money – This should be the last reason you start a blog because it is a hard slog, it is not as easy as saying ‘oh hey I have a blog please send me free things’ it is so much hard work, maintenance, sweat and tears but exploring writing and passions to make a bit of extra income can never be a bad thing can it? 

Widen your portfolio – Your blog can be a great place to widen your portfolio and show future employers what you can offer. Bloggers aren’t just people who want to over share their lives, they are writers, reviews, creative, photographers, marketers, they can take financial responsibility and can communicate to a wide audience in ways a brand hasn’t explored. Blogs are a great opportunity to highlight and demonstrate things you are good at. 

It costs nothing to start – Especially if you start with a hosted site with a free theme which I did. If it’s not for you, it hasn’t cost you anything to have a go but your time. 

It’s you, 100% you and not someone’s perception of you from Instagram – the most important for me. My blog is me, I don’t try to rosy it up or showreel the best part of my life. This is me the good, the bad and the very ugly at times. As much as I try to keep my Instagram as balanced as I can, I don’t want to post the boring awful stuff that even I am not interested in. Instagram’s algorithm is hard enough to crack, low engagement photos aren’t what any of us need but on your blog, you can be fully you which I feel has given people more of an insight into me because I can be a pretty closed book. 

I hope this encourages any one toying with the idea of a blog to take the leap, any of you recently started a blog? How are you finding it?

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