Blogs I love to read #3

I get such a buzz from stumbling across a new blog and just clicking with it. Acknowledging from that first post I accidentally landed on ‘this blogger is another one that is going to be on my daily hit list’. I have always enjoy these posts on other bloggers sites. Let’s face it, there are so many blogs out there, it would be impossible to know everyone and read everyone’s work on a daily basis but I love sharing posts and bloggers I have enjoyed reading. Bloggers work their ass off for their little slice of the internet it is important we share work and celebrate each other as often as it can be.
Vipxo – If you are looking for dreamy and affordable house furnishings, eBay bargains or healthy meal ideas Victoria is your girl. I have fallen in love with her blog. It is everything I could want from a lifestyle blog. I love her eBay posts. From clothes to home wear she always picks out the most stylish and affordable buys and I love her slimming world posts. They are a refreshing change from smashed avocado and ‘wow look how much I eat posts’ that saturate Instagram. Let’s face it that is not the norm for most of us late 20s girls. Victoria’s blog is the one I share with most of my friends and family. So many people can relate to her content from my Mum to my favourite girls. 
A girl obsessed  This is a blog I came across on Bloglovin. What I love most about Mandy’s blog is how regular she posts and how helpful they are. She often uploads list posts. Blog posts to give you that boost in the day such as ’10 ways to be more confident’, or ‘5 ways to be more proactive’. She also uploads some really useful blogging advice. Her posts are always short and to the point and I never come away disappointed. 
The Awkward Blog – The Awkward Blog is another newbie to my table, not the blogging table. I came across her blog in the lifestyle category nomination for the Bloggers blog awards, when I was having a peruse through. I love her site. It is a refreshing change from the white, uniform pipdig background the majority of us bloggers use. (Yes I am pointing at myself). Her content and photographs then took over. Anglea has a strong mixture of content covering her life in London, family life and home updates among others. Angela’s blog gives me that cosy, hygge feeling where I want to be at home whilst the rain pours with a cup of tea reading all her posts I don’t know why? It’s an amazing blog and she definitely deserves your vote. 
Fashion Slave Sophie started out as a firm Instagram favourite before I started reading her blog. I have always loved her photographs, her style and her Insta-stories. I then came across her blog and it has become a firm favourite since. For a vlogger and fashion blogger, she posts regularly. I find her posts are also more lifestyle than solely fashion focused which I enjoy as she always manages to entwine the two together
Millie Ryan Millie’s blog is one of the newest to this list but I am obsessed (and yes I know, I throw this word around a lot) but boy, Millie’s writing is breath taking-ly good. It is not the content alone that is thoroughly enjoyable, her writing is something else too, almost poetic. I feel my writing is better (it isn’t) for reading her posts. I 100% recommend devouring her blog posts if you have a spare hour or two you will not regret it.
Whose blogs do you find yourself reading a lot of lately?
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    • Ah thanks Julia, I love reading and sharing other peoples blogs so I am glad to hear others appreciate it! I will have a read of that blog thank you for the recommendation!

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