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Oh hey, Bank Holiday weekend! Is there anything better than a Sunday with no work tomorrow? I am rather smug that I have had only one Monday at work this month It has really eased the Sunday blues. I am chuffed I have been able to take things slower this weekend. I have managed to catch up with myself and have a bit of a breather after a ridiculously busy week. This is my round up  for the week (and a bit of last weeks too). 
Going up 
Dunkirk – I saw it last week and it going to feature in last weeks weekly round up but I needed a break. All I will say is that if I don’t see anything else but Dunkirk in the cinema this year I will be happy. It is so good, go see it. 
Time with my Dad. – I don’t know why, I think it is being in the right place at the right time, but my Dad treated me to three meals this week. I drew the line on Tuesday night and said no to another meal out. To not only save both our waistlines but his wallet too, instead opting for a healthy dinner at his. I feel so much better for actually having vegetables in my life instead of eating bulk loads of carbs. It was lovely to have yummy food cooked for me over a good old catch up. 
Victoria is back – It is no secret, period dramas are a firm favourite. I am so thrilled today marks the first episode of the new series of Victoria. Sunday nights at my Grandma’s with a pot of tea and a packet of biscuits are back. I am excited even if they did mark it as Autumnal TV I can let them off this time. These programmes are a perfect comfort as the nights draw in (which they’re not because it is summer). 
Pasta delivery – I am sure you are sick to death of hearing about the pasta disaster that hit Tuesday morning. I had prepped about 3-4 days (depending on hunger levels) worth of pasta. This was going to last me until pay day because I am trying to avoid spending money at the moment. You guessed it. I dropped it all on the floor. Devastation hit hard but more so, I was angry with myself. On Wednesday night I received a text from my lovely friend Abi. This absolute gem of a girl had left me a bag of every variety of pasta Tesco has on offer. I had no idea a parcel of pasta could make me so happy. I had the biggest smile on my face. It wasn’t having a life time supply of pasta alone that made me so happy. Knowing that a friend thinks of you when you are feeling like poop is THE BEST feeling. I am so lucky to have them. 
Going down
Only one episode of Game of Thrones left – How can this be?
The new bake off – It hasn’t started and I already know it’s going down. What is bake off without Mary, Sue and Mel? I am a fickle person I know once it kicks off I will begrudgingly get into it and start rooting for a new favourite. For now, however, I am standing my ground and disapproving of the whole set up. 
Not getting this beach body in to shape – Whenever I have a holiday in the pipeline the bikini/ beach body fear is real. I am in the gym doing everything I can and I still don’t feel happy. This year there is nothing I can do that makes me want to get in that gym. I am going on holiday with some of the best bikini bodies around and that hasn’t even got me in there. I need to up my game otherwise I am going to be on the beach in a kaftan where no one can see me. I still have my new triangl bikini that I have not worn which I would like to ensure I fit in. I would like to say this is a testament to a Jade I never thought would exist. After years of being so self-critical and controlling with my exercise and eating. A little a bit of motivation to get this bum of mine toned, however, would not go a miss. 
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