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We are all looking at methods to improve our blogs. Whether they are tools to improve traffic, improve photographs, enhance content or touch on them all. Keeping up with the rapid development of blogging isn’t easy. It is fast paced, dynamic, creative and ever changing. Blogging has changed dramatically over the years. Blogs are now often likely to resemble magazines in digital format over those raw, amateur blogs we all started out with.

I know I struggle to keep up with the blogging world. I know my photography and my inability to afford a number of products to blog about lets me down more often than not. Nonetheless, there are tools out there that have helped me keep on top of blogging. These are blogging tools I want to share with any of you find yourself in the same boat as me.
Grammarly– If only I had this website at university my Mum would have had a much easier life. Grammarly scans your documents for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. If I had to keep any of the tools from this list it would be this one. Additional packages you can pay for are available, but I find the free version assists enough. This app will correct your spelling and your grammar, it will also offer alternative words to improve sentences.
Hemingway Editor– This is a tool I have started to use recently along with Yoast (I will move on to Yoast soon). I came across this app when Yoast recommended shorter sentences and a less passive voice in my writing which I was unsure of how to change. Hemingway Editor scans your writing and highlights how you can improve your text. It will tell you if sentences are hard to read or too long. The app informs users if they have used too many adverbs. Adverbs are unnecessary for SEO purposes, but I know I over use them in my writing. It will also inform you if there has been too much use of a passive voice and if any phrases have a simpler alternative.
Buffer – This app is the life (time) saver. I schedule everything for my blog and Todhpurs using buffer. Having regular uploads to social media has assisted in increasing traffic to my blog. Buffer is a social media management tool you can use to schedule all of your tweets and Facebook uploads. In the past, I have used Hootesuite, Coschedule and Buffer. CoSchedule was my clear favourite but rather pricey at £30 ish a month whereas most of the tools on Buffer are free. They do have a drop in calendar which you have to pay extra for. I did trial this and loved it but I try to keep my blog costs low.
Yoast– Yoast is relatively new to me. I have two sisters who work in e-commerce and worked for an SEO agency, and I have only just come across this plugin (Thanks, girls). Yoast has changed my blog and improved traffic to my site. It has also changed how I think about post titles and content I am writing. Yoast works on a traffic light system for your SEO on a post. If your SEO is bad the lights will stay on red if the SEO is good then they will turn green (simple). The pointers are incredibly helpful, they have already begun to highlight many places where I was going wrong.
Adobe Lightroom – I don’t use Adobe Lightroom as often as I should. The results from this app are much better than any free photo editing app I have used. I use it to brighten my photos up, and tweak them to look a bit more bloggable. It can transform a photo from something I would deem as unusable to a bright and blogworthy image.  
Social media – These are a given to increase traffic and improve exposure of my blog. Twitter I have found works best for building a community. Facebook is good for an easy link to your page, capturing people scrolling through their news feed. Instagram I find works because it is so visual. I will upload a new post on to my Instagram stories and then put my blog image with text over the top as a post on Instagram. This often draws a lot of attention from the discovery section. Pinterest I use the same image I post on Instagram with writing on to get users attention and link it back to the post.
Bloglovin – Bloglovin is an invaluable tool for putting bloggers all in one place. I use it a lot on a personal level to scout out new bloggers or to find a blog on a particular topic. Bloglovin has its own faults and flaws but it is somewhere you should share your posts and have a profile set up. Profiles enable readers to follow your page and remember your site at a click of a button.
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