Five Moments – August

 I always find August a tricky month. To me, it is the height of summer. August bank holiday, weddings, summer holidays and the month all the kids are still off school. With the mixture of grey rainy weather, the days of the June heat wave long behind us (until bank holiday that was). There was this unnerving buzz for Autumn. I have said it before, am a massive fan of Autumn but my excitement doesn’t start until the end of September. When I have no choice but to admit defeat trying to walk the dog or ride the horse after work. Instead embracing that hygge feeling Autumn and Winter brings.
August for me this year has still very much been a summer month which I have absolutely loved. Anyone following me on Instagram (which should be all of you) will have noticed I haven’t been at work much this month. Thanks to a lot of accumulated holiday meant I could enjoy the best of the summer month. August begun for me in Cirencester at the polo, it feels as though so much time has passed since then, yet I am always still surprised with how fast these months go. These are my five moments I am most grateful for in August. 
A lot of time off work – As I mentioned above August included a lot of time off work which was exactly what I needed. I have to admit it has left me feeling a bit disjointed from the office. I feel as though my head is else where at the moment, but the rush that September will bring will definitely take my head from the clouds and back to reality
Spending time with Amy. – You will all know by now Amy came up to stay for a few perfect (yet very very rainy) days at the beginning of August. It was so good to see her, catch up and just chill out. We covered every Game of Thrones fan theory there was going. So if anyone has any Game of Thrones questions she is your girl. I can’t wait to get back to Cardiff in November to see her again. 
Brunch in London and new plans. – Mid August I journeyed down to London, girls in tow, to see our friend Fliss for another bottomless brunch. We went to the Jam Tree in Clapham last year which was so much fun but wanting to try somewhere new we booked to go to the Villandry. It was a completely different experience to the Jam Tree but still so much fun. It is a more formal, felt more like a treat than the Jam Tree and we spoilt with so much food. I would recommend both if you are looking for bottomless Prosecco in London at an affordable price.  

Family and friend packed bank holidays – This has to be the best bank holiday to have graced the UK? The weather was the best July and August have seen. A pleasant surprise after everyone had started to gear up for Autumn and Winter. It monumentally stuck fingers up to those, ‘I can’t wait for chunky knits and pumpkin spiced lattes’ tweets. Instead, it had everyone dusting off BBQs and bikinis quicker than we could say surprise. I love the sunshine because it encourages everyone to be outside. Whether it’s sunshine guilt or wanting to make the most out of gardens and parks etc for a few days longer. It was so nice to see so many people out and about over the bank holiday weekend. I had so much time with family and friends. The majority of my time spent was with George riding pixie, or picking fruit from the orchard. Sunday my Dad and I went to Charlecote Park National Trust. Followed by a rather bizarre moment eating a roast dinner in the sunshine at a pub in this little village en route home. On Monday I caught up with Catherine in Leicester. The city feeling like a foreign place, as we sipped on Iced lattes in the sunshine of St Martin’s square, it was nice to experience an area I feel I know so well in a completely different light.

No, spend August – Reaching the end of August with spare pennies left over, I actually let out a sigh of relief. It was actually touch and go at one point but what I have learnt from this is budgeting. With the prospect of no spending in August, I paid more off my braces and stashed extra into savings which took me a few £££ down from the start. (This would have been the money I spent on makeup, clothes, hot chocolates etc throughout the month usually). By the end of the month, I was looking for extra money. Complaining as always to my mum about my financial situation. Instead, I should have been proud of myself. Not only for saving money and reducing my brace bill, also resisting buying new clothes (minus the one dress) and new makeup I didn’t need. It is definitely something I would recommend doing as it highlighted to me where I spend my money. On food, lots of food.  

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