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I find my weekly round-ups so different each week. Some weeks I have lists longer than my arms and others I am racking my brains for things I have done. This week felt jammed packed with little delights. I guess it might have something to do with the opportunities the sunshine brought over the bank holiday weekend.
Tuesday, when I woke and it was grey outside, I felt as though I was going back to work after the summer off even though I had only had the Monday off like everyone else. Nonetheless, I am starting Sunday with a trade stand at Dallas Burston Polo in the park with Todhpurs. Hopefully, I then can finish the day curled up on the sofa watching Victoria.  This is my weekly round-up for the last week of August. Sob.
Quick side note, GBBO, exceeded expectations. Apart from the adverts and they were everything I was expecting and worse. Honestly, we all got a little over panicked by the move to C4 didn’t we?
Going up
Bank Holiday – I don’t know what there isn’t to love about a free day off work but bank holiday this August was a dream. The weather (have I mentioned?) was bloody delightful and I felt everyone was out and about enjoying summer again. I spent so much time with friends and family and generally enjoyed being outside, wearing flip flops and shorts at every given opportunity
New farm additions – I am so fickle as soon as I see animals. Mum dropped the bomb on us that another Shetland was about to arrive. We have been so lucky with Pixie she is far from the norm when it comes to Shetlands. She is kind, friendly, loveable and huggable. If you are not acquainted with Shetlands these are not the characteristics shetlands usually share. My sisters and I put our foot down and said categorically, under no circumstances No. No more animals. No more horses. It is a lot of time and work spent taking care of them all. Nonetheless, she ignored us and Little Roo arrived on Tuesday. I have to confess she is the same colour as my horse Rooney and her name is Little Roo. This could be a coincidence, although I wouldn’t put it passed my Mum to have paid the owner to say that. But as soon as I saw the little fluffy face I knew she would be here to stay. So welcome to the farm Little Roo. 
We also had 8 little chicks hatch last weekend after the hens sat on ten eggs. They’re rather cute little bundles of fluff at the moment especially the tiny yellow ones.
Saturday afternoon with the girls – The majority of my close group of friends all have horses so afternoons together rarely happen unless it is a special occasion. So when an afternoon of consuming yummy food whilst watching Burghley horse trials was mentioned I was so happy I could make it. The girls put on the yummiest of food to pick at all afternoon whilst we chatted away watching the XC. I don’t think we have ever really had a Saturday afternoon chilling out together.  
 Dr Foster is back. – After a two-year wait, Dr Forster will finally be back on our screens this Tuesday. I absolutely loved this series. I am so excited to see where this series is going to go. I am so pleased to see the original cast is still in it. Knowing it is going to have to go down a different route, I am intrigued to see what story line it will follow. I can’t wait to see it start.
My Dad wrote a porno – PODCAST – Not my Dad that would be weird. This is THE FUNNIEST podcast or anything actually I have ever listened. This is a podcast series in which Jamie Morton reads chapters from the erotic books his 60-year-old father has written. He reads a chapter out each episode along with his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. Honestly never laughed so much, at anything, ever. I am not a laugh out loud person. I am either smiling along or crying with laughter but this is hilarious. If you are looking for guaranteed entertainment you need to listen to it. It has been out for a few years now, I am late to the party, regardless if you haven’t already have a  Listen to it here.
Going down
End of August – I have been clinging on tightly to August the last of the summer months. Now we are in September it all feels so surreal. I know I am ticking off so many things I want to achieve this year but it feels as though the year is whizzing by and I don’t want to wave goodbye to summer
Little anxious bout on Tuesday – God only knows what brought this on Tuesday morning. I am guessing it had something to do with my new found love for iced coffees over the weekend. Not drinking coffee often because of the anxious unsettled feeling it leaves me with I am quite certain it was the cause. Or perhaps the change in weather from the blue skies on Monday to grey on Tuesday. Whatever it was Tuesday I felt so unsettled, distracted and all round a bit anxious about something I could not identify. Worst of all it was putting me off eating anything which was very unusual for me. After offloading my non-existing concerns onto a friend via whats app, a cup of tea and a scroll through Pinterest I began to feel better. Does anyone else get these? It’s not anxiety but an anxious feeling you cannot identify and struggle to shift? 
House chaos – After visiting Fliss earlier in the month I found out that I am probably giving off this impression I live in a super clean, organised, well-maintained house where I keep on top of jobs all the time. Dear God guys this could not be further from the truth. This week (and longer) I have completely slipped from house maintenance other than I did manage to mow the lawn. The house is in disarray. I have abandoned all responsibility with my nose deep in this book I have been reading. So if I have ever given the impression that I am some super clean neat freak, house proud person please rest assured even though I wish I was, I am not.

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