Aldi’s Glamglow Dupe – Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask

I never thought I would be willing, let alone excited to put a beauty product from Aldi on my face. But After hearing that Aldi has released its own uncanny dupe of Glamglow’s Youth mud mask for £6, I could not resist
I have been a massive fan of Glamglow’s face masks for a few years. They are amazing, the one thing that I cannot cope with however is the price. At £42 per tub, they are not a product I can keep as a weekly essential for my skin. Aldi, however, has caught on and launched their own version of a tingle exfoliating clay mask. Claiming to achieve the same results as Glamglow for £5.99.
After hearing about this product, reading up on a lot of reviews, I came across no one suffering any breakouts or rashes from the mask, I decided I needed to try it for myself. I have good skin, I get the occasional spots, but never break outs so I am always up for trying new products. If the products are not for me my skin will show signs and return to ‘normal’ once I stop using a product. So I had no qualms about trying this. 
I have discussed a number of times how dupe products don’t often sit well with me. If I was a brand who had worked hard designing a product that people love, would I be happy if a giant chain of supermarkets brought out an exact replica? No, I would not. The difference is if you wanted the best, the brand, you will still buy Glamglow. If you want budget and you don’t mind people knowing you bought it from Aldi then you give Aldi alternative a go. Glamglow will know that not everyone will be able to justify £40 on a non-essential product. To me, that doesn’t justify what Aldi does but it makes me weigh the decision up better. There are some beauty products I would not scrimp on and some I will. 

Back to the product itself. I thought it would be useful to compare the two masks on what goes in them and the verdict on similarities. 

The product
Both Glamglow and Lacura are clay based fast drying masks with a natural exfoliating formula. Both masks contain Witch Hazel, clay, green tea extract and red algae extracts. These ingredients draw out oil from your skin, tighten and refine pores and to act as antioxidants on your skin
Both dry in the same amount of time, with similar results the only difference I felt between the two was the colour. Lacura was lighter and also didn’t contain the small bits of actual green tea Glamglow’s does. Both smell great and wash off easily when dried. I wouldn’t say there is a real difference between the products in this respect. 

The benefits  
Glamglow’s mask offers smoother, brighter and softer skin. Claiming to show signs of immediate, camera ready, glowing skin with a youthful glow in 10 minutes.
Lacura exfoliating mud mask claims to target wrinkles and minimise the appearance of pores. Leaving a radiant and revitalised skin.
They are both offering the same benefits. Do I believe the Lacura mud mask is anti-ageing? No, not really. Glamglow offers a more youthful skin, however, this can be a result of exfoliating and glowy skin but it is not claiming to reduce wrinkles. They both do have a tingle element to the mask, I felt the Lacura tingle was slightly stronger when I first tried it.

I know I look like a chimp in these photos, it’s those unfortunate bat ears. On the left is the mask first on, right is the colour it dried. (I tied my hair up, it wasn’t a result of the drying mask) I also don’t know why I don’t cover all of my nose with it. I never do. 

The results
After trying the products, they both offer very similar results. My skin felt smoother, cleaner, softer and my complexion was a lot more even. I don’t suffer from fine lines yet so I am not sure how either would hold up on the anti-ageing properties. Lacura claims to have but for a weekly exfoliating face mask I do rate them both. I do genuinely still believe that Glamglow is worth the investment if you are into your skin care. No budget dupe face mask is going to be as good as an original. but if you are someone like me who cannot justify near £40 on a facemask than the Lacura is 100% worth a try. 
 Lacura is available in stores now, but it is not yet a permanent feature so grab one whilst you can.


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