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September is here guys, and I have to admit I have taken to it better than I expected. I have loved every minute of this summer, I have made so many new memories, set many new goals and begun to reflect on what I have achieved. I am not looking forward to horse-less evenings after work. It’s a hobby I am so lucky to have and I am always amazed at how much better I feel after being surrounded by the horses, but I have vowed as Autumn and Winter role in I am going to try and put more time aside for some affordable house diy, but really how often have you guys heard this?

Tuesday I am heading off to Portugal with the girls and I cannot bloody wait. I have the worst bikini body in my bikini body history and zero tan but for once in my life, I am ok with that / too tired and busy to care. I have had the most hectic week prepping and scheduling everything at work, on here and for Todhpurs so I can have a screen free week. I won’t be taking my laptop, I don’t even think I am going to take my camera. I really just want a week away from it all so we shall see how that goes. 

This week has passed in a flash. 90% I’m sure was spent listening to My Dad wrote a porno podcast, an hour was spent holding my breath in the most INTENSE hour of Doctor Foster who watched it? And the rest was me running around like a headless chicken trying to squeeze as much into my week at work before holiday as I could. So this is my weekly round-up this week!

Going up 

Dinner with Alex – Wednesday night I popped over to see my lovely friend Alex and her not so new anymore apartment, which looks AMAZING. She cooked us dinner, and we spent hours catching up over missed months. I went home in the happiest mood. It was the nicest evening, a mid-week pick me up I didn’t realise how much I needed. 

The return of Strictly – I think this is the reason that the turn of Autumn has not left me feeling too melancholy because I absolutely love strictly. I just love everything about it, the music, the costumes, the dancing (obviously) I love to see how much the dancer’s progress and change. I love the whole set up. To me, it marks this whole Autumn/ Winter season. I am looking forward to a few Saturday nights on the sofa with some wine and chocolate and just indulging in Saturday night TV.  

The end of Todhpurs tour – Last Sunday marked our last trade stand for Todhpurs this summer. There have been some cold, long days with just my older sister for company but they have been so worthwhile. We have met so many amazing people, learnt so much to improve our business and our trade stand has come on leaps and bounds each show we attend. Not a bad effort considering I think we paid £30 in total to deck the whole stand out. I am beyond proud of what we achieved this summer and already looking forward to next. 

Holiday Nail treat – As a little treat for looking after her dog whilst she was on holiday my little sister treated me to a manicure and pedicure before my holiday on Tuesday. I haven’t had my nails done in such a long time, it was so nice to have a lazy morning in town with Pip. The massage chair as I had my toes done topped it off. We are going to try and book appointments every 8 weeks ish as something to do together. I did manage to catch a nail whilst out in the stables 3 hours later though. Which is the exact reason girls with horses don’t make an effort to look nice


Going down

Car expense – The first week in September is the one I always dread the most as its Mot week. My car to be fair, after putting up with my driving for 5 years has only failed two mots. This week being one of them. The fixtures of brake pads, springs and various other items I was not at all interested in has set me back quite a bit but I am hoping I will have a trouble free year from it now. If not a Mito is up for sale! 

Saying goodbye to summer – I feel like my excitement for Autumn and my mourning for Summer do not go hand in hand. I think both Spring and Autumn bring such changes to our landscapes, weather, hours of light. Spring always gives me a new outlook on life but the end of summer leaves me with that back to school feeling I struggle to shake for a while. Whilst I have exciting plans in the pipeline and I am constantly working on new things I can’t help but reflect over the summer and feel like I am just not ready to say goodbye to it yet. Does anyone else find themselves in this Summer/ Autumn limbo? 

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