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There is the best charity book shop in my town. I may be a little bias as My Grandma runs it along with her wonderful team of staff. She has her own little charity shop empire. What I love the most about one, in particular, is all the books are stacked A-Z and listed in genre, usually all under £1 as well. I evidently live in a town where people give new books to the charity shop as soon as they have read them. Something I wish I could do but I really hate giving books away.

I popped in there before my holiday to pick up some new reads. I have an Amazon book wish list longer than my arm. So I always have a quick glance over it before I head over to the charity shop in case any of them were in there. I managed to pick three books off my list up which I was very pleased about. I went in with the intention of picking up books to share with the group on holiday. With that in mind, I tried to buy a selection of chick flicks and murders because I realise not everyone wants terrifying on the beach. So this was my charity shop book haul.

All the light we cannot see

I picked this book up as a present a few years ago hoping that I would be able to borrow it after. Circumstances changed however and I never got around to it reading it. It has been sitting in my Amazon wish list ever since. Not wanting to spend the money again on the same book, I was really rather happy when I stumbled upon it for £1. 

A gathering Light 
I had not come across this book before. The review across the front cover stating, ‘If George Clooney had walked into the room I would have told him to come back when I’d finished’ was really what sold the book/ it is also based on a true story.
Mattie Gokey was handed a bundle of letters which Grace requested her to burn. A task she fully intended to carry out but when Grace Brown is found drowned in Big Moose Lake the next day, Mattie finds it’s not as easy to burn those letters as she had thought
I  would 100% read the letters just for the record. 
The Sisters 
I have come across this book a few times and have always been really intrigued whilst in the shop but never committed to buy it.
It probably doesn’t strike you as the perfect holiday read but I love these chilling, crime/ drama reads. They are never profound. The story line is usually basic and often predictable mid way through but I love them and find them real page turners
The one we fell in love with
I am not a chick flick reader. I never feel as though I gain anything from reading them. Finishing them with an unrealistic ideology that I am going to inherit a fortune, land my dream job or the man of my dreams will walk into my life. Nonetheless, I was, for one, going on holiday so a few little dreams couldn’t hurt whilst on the beach and two these books were not just for me.
Fickle as I am I loved the cover, yup that old cliche, secondly, copper writing, who isn’t drawn into copper writing? But lastly and most surprisingly the blurb actually got me wanting to know more. Based around three women. Pheobe seemingly has it all but is stuck between the decision of getting married and settling down or heading back to the Alps to pursue her passion. Eliza, in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same back. He likely never did reciprocate her feelings. And her dreams of becoming a successful musician keep falling further away from her grasp. Lastly, there is Rosie who has no job or boyfriend and to top it all off has had to move in with her mother. (Sounds like my life in three people). Seemingly unrelated, there is one thing these three girls have in common, Angus the one they all fell in love with. I am sure it’s going to be a rather cliche read but I can’t wait to find out who Angus is. 
Confessions of a Tinderella 
As a tried and failed user of Tinder, I knew this would make the perfect holiday read. This was the third book that had been in my Amazon basket. I was saving it for a rainy day. One where I needed a bit of laughter, so I grabbed it knowing me and the girls would love the cheesy stories of the trials and tribulations we go through in modern dating
Rosy Edwards the main character just seemed to sum me and every other 20 ish-year-old girls up in the synopsis. Frugal when it comes to food shopping, but happy to splash out on cosmetics and smashed avocado (I am sure). Career minded but still not sure what her career should be and whilst she is happy single there is a part of her that would like someone to share her life with
I know this is going to be a good holiday read, I am looking forward to reading an authors perception of Tinder. Published back in 2015 when Tinder would have been in its infancy, I can’t wait to see how opinions of such apps and dating have changed since

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