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I try so hard to keep good care of my skin. After years of teenage neglect, I am really trying to limit the damage my years of not giving AF might have caused. I do however often find that ramping up a number of products I use on my skin does nothing to help this situation. More often than not the changes in serums etc that I am adding to my skin can cause breakouts. Finding that simple remedies and a more natural lifestyle clears my skin up best. These are my fail safe methods to clearing, brighter skin. 

Eat clean

I can be lazy with food, we have established that. But after I started packing my diet with vegetables from all the soup I had been making I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My complexion was better, my skin seemed healthier, more even and brighter. I try to only eat more wholesome food. It doesn’t necessarily mean healthy (I am not always dieting) but foods that are good for me. Low in sugars, and artificial flavours and sweeteners etc. 

Hot water and lemon

The easiest, cheapest and probably one of the most effective ways to improve your skin is to start the day with a hot water with a slice of lemon in it. I also drink a lot of this when I am trying to cut down on caffeine. 

Green tea

Green tea has been linked to a number of skin benefits such as improving skin complexion, reducing dark circles and puffiness around eyes, fighting signs of aging, treatment for spots and acne and working as a skin toner etc. I try to drink a couple of mugs of green tea a day usually early morning to give me a bit of a boost and I find my skin is always at its best when I am drinking it. 


Out of all of them, water is the one you will notice the largest amount of change from. If you are not drinking water you are not hydrating your body properly and this includes your skin. Ensure you get through your recommended water intake a day for hydrated, happier skin. 

Cleanse your skin morning and night

This is the one I struggled the most with when I was younger. I was lazy and I just could not be bothered. I would wash my make up off in the shower each day and that was it. Now I ensure I double cleanse each evening before I go to bed and then cleanse again in the morning before I put makeup on. Cleaning all the dirt off and from in your skin makes a massive difference and will provide a better more even base for your make up. It will also reduce spots from built up dirt and grime left behind from creams and makeup. 

Reduce alcohol intake 

The boring one because who doesn’t love a glass of wine, but how often do you wake up after a big weekend and regret the damage it has done to your skin? Alcohol dehydrates your body generally including your skin. Dehydration of the skin results in wrinkles, lines and dry skin. Drinking also caused inflammation, the reaction causes redness on your skin that over time can turn into a prominent facial redness. If giving alcohol up isn’t for you (no skin is that important) remember the clearer the alcohol the better and keep yourself hydrated. Skin does regenerate so if you are becoming worried now there is still time to do something about it. 

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil has always been a firm favourite. It’s affordable, organic and can be used in so many different aspects of your life. I stopped using it for a while for no reason other than I had other products to try but I always go back to it for a hydrating moisturiser. I recently swapped my cleansing balm for coconut oil. I liquidise it in my hands and then rub across and cover my face. After I use a damp flannel to wash it all off and pat dry with a towel. I then use a second cleanser to remove any remaining makeup and oil. Coconut oil can still be used if you have oily skin. It removes all stubborn makeup even water proof mascara, its organic, affordable, you know exactly what is in it and it’s easy to pick up from supermarkets.

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