Little things that make me excited for Autumn

It feels as though Autumn is well and truly here. I would have loved to cling on to the summer months a little while longer. Yet there is no denying Autumn has crept in. The leaves have turned, the landscape has changed and everyone has started to add just a few more layers.

Arriving home from Portugal I really noticed the difference a week can make to this season. Perhaps it was my attitude, knowing the bikinis and the flip-flops were to be packed away for a good few months I started to finally allow myself to feel excited about this season. I have now fully embraced that hygge feeling Autumn brings and let myself take a step back from my busy schedule and incorporate a lot more me/ downtime. I now can’t wait for afternoons in front of the log burner, Halloween treats in the shops, Bonfire night sipping on hot drinks with my friends, Nights under a blanket with my favourite book, snuggling into my toasty bed with my electric blanket on but these are the real things I am looking forward to this Autumn. 

Sunday nights at my Grandma’s – The first time I notice Autumn creepin’ in is when we start gathering at my Grandma’s on a Sunday evening for some good Tv, tea and biscuits. Sometimes it is just me and my Grandma, often there are more of us. We get comfy with Countryfile, strictly and Xfactor results (depending on who has the remote) on in the background followed by serious Victoria (Downton Abbey replacement) viewing. They are always the perfect cosy way to round off a weekend.  

Roast dinners – Roast dinners are very few and far between in the summer. Often traded in for the BBQ, but as a family we are pretty active. In the summer months sitting down to a big meal on a Sunday afternoon just does not happen. In the winter because of the dark afternoons and the cold weather, the horses are often tucked up in bed earlier and the roast dinners become more frequent, whether they are a family affair at home or a quick trip out to our local pub. 

Coats and scarves – the shops this time of year are my favourite. Despite loving the summer months the shops excite me the most when I see them filled with this season’s new A/W wear. 

Homely food – For anyone that has to put up with my Instagram stories (sorry guys) you will have seen how much I have been bulk making soup lately (gripping content I know). I have found it a great way to get a few more veggies in my diet but I also love the homely, comforting smell that you are greeted with when you come through the front door. This year I am going to make more use of the slow cooker to prepare some healthy, yummy wintery foods for when I get home after the horses. 

Autumn makeup – My makeup routine rarely changes, I like to keep things fairly simple but since arriving back from holiday I have swapped my Mac nudes for my old Nars (Volga) lipstick which is almost burgundy and I love having a slightly darker look for the colder months. 

Gym routine –  I really let my gym routine slip over the summer months because I was spending so much time with the horses but I have promised myself that a gym routine this Autumn, (especially when it is too dark to ride) will be back on the cards. I want to get back into my running, get a spin and core class in each week and try the odd swim now and then when I want something a bit more leisurely. I really have no excuses. 

Travelling with work – With big changes happening at work we haven’t left the office for a real event since May which is unheard of for us. After Saturday our event calendar really begins to make up for it and we will be back travelling around the UK. After such a long break I have really got the bug back and I honestly can’t wait. I was lucky that one of my November events at the end of the month is in Cardiff so I have been able to team it up with a weekend break there to catch up with the uni girls. Cardiff will be all set up for Christmas so I really can’t wait. 

London breaks – I have quite a few London trips planned over the next few months and I really cannot wait to spend more time in my favourite city. I love the transition London goes through from the summer months to Winter. To me, it can feel like a completely different city. 

Lunchtime walks with Dougal – These aren’t something that needs to wait until Autumn but I am just lazy in the summer. Throughout Autumn and Winter, I try to make sure I take Dougal and Indie for a walk across the fields in my lunch hour. I love the time where I can get lost in fields for a bit and that welcome break from screens. It also gives me a good hour of sunlight because as much as we love the above leaving and arriving home in the dark is something that gets to us all. 

What are the things you are looking forward to the most over the next couple of months? 

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