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When a weekday London trip was mentioned between the girls I literally jumped at the chance. With a lot of holiday to still use and the prospect of a few days in my favourite city with my girls, when I could be at work, was exactly how I wanted to spend a Thursday and Friday.

It is no secret that over the years I have really toyed with moving to London. In the past, I have applied for jobs but pulled out last minute when the prospect of leaving everyone and everything here behind was just too much. I bought a house, got Dougal hoping if I felt more stable and settled here it would take the urge of wanting to relocate to the city away. And whilst it has certainly helped, I know I have security here I would have never had in London and a dog who I would never want to be without, a part of me always dreams of the what ifs. Dougal would make the perfect London dog nonetheless I know in reality I couldn’t have the life I have here down in London but I also realise I will never have the life I could have in London here. And that is really where I become stuck.

I feel as though home to me is in two places. I feel as happy there as I do in the countryside because they are filling two different parts of me. One is the girl who loves long walks through fields with no one around, country pubs, a home surrounded by my family and school friends. Owning my house, the horses, all the animals on the farm. Visiting National Trust sites, long runs where you see no cars. The idyllic country life so many work for. The other is the one who wants to be in the hustle of everything, surrounded by thousands of people. Meeting people I would have otherwise never met, finding new places, eating new foods the fast-paced life you get when you are in a city that is forever changing.

We decided this trip was going to be different to those in the past. Leaving the brunch and the weekend night out behind we headed down on Thursday. I did a bit of shopping in Covent garden, mooching around the new shops. The ordinary and Charlotte Tilbury a stone’s throw from each other, Sass and Belle, Kikki K, Hotel Chocolate and Ben’s cookies all within walking distance soon lifted my mood that I didn’t know even needed lifting. I soon had a bounce in my step and everything seemed just that bit sunnier. I felt so carefree. You see I don’t feel bad at home. I am so grateful for my life, I am so fortunate in so many ways but until you step back away from it all you don’t realise the weight everyday routine has on your life. I squeeze so much into my week between working, riding, exercising, trying to make something of my life and trying to see my friends I forget to actually live. I am happy, more than content making my way through this puzzle that is my life but rarely do I feel my day to day routine is really living. Experiencing new things, enjoying company for what it really is and not just to stay on top of seeing people and actually just forgetting about work commitments.

Even if I sound a tad dramatic and philosophical this is exactly how these two days left me feeling. After a night out and a few too many mojitos on Thursday. Friday followed as a tourist-packed day for Niece who had told us she had never seen the sights. Trying to be practical because we were all were suffering a little bit and it’s hard to see the whole of London in one day I booked us tickets to the Sky Gardens at the Walkie Talkie building (I don’t think it’s the official name). Followed by so much food at Bodean’s BBQ after Fliss’ well approved recommendation and a quick whistle-stop tour of Borough market for some Macarons. Our last stop on the way home was to Peggy Porschen. This has to be the most instagramable cafe you will ever see and definitely gave me a huge dose of perspective when it comes to the social media bubble so many of us seem wrapped up in. This was a real life black mirror experience which I will hopefully expand on at a later date.

To you reading this, I am sure it sounds like an average couple of days spent in London, I am aware my musings are making no sense but these two days even though to the eye may seem insignificant made such an impact on me. They showed me that there is a balance in life and you need to find it. I know wherever I choose to settle down one half of me is always going to feel like it is missing out. Missing out on new trends, places, people, cultures but that balance is so important. The balance is what gives you perspective on what you really want, what is really important to you and just those few days in my favourite home from home with these three mad, crazy girls who I love did exactly that.

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