Five rules I am going to start my morning with

rules to make your day better
I am guilty of waking up and continuing the day in any mood that greets me within the first ten minutes of the morning. My mood is easily influenced by the simplest of things. Texts or emails that I wake up to, how much hot water is available, milk in for breakfast, the weather or if my family manage to not irritate me before I have had my morning cup of tea. I began to realise how bad this approach was for my mental health. How it also influenced the way I treated people for the rest of the day. If something had put me in a good mood, something so simple as waking up to a good text, being out of bed before my alarm went off or the sun shining through my window, I would make my way through the day with a spring in my step. Flip side, if something or someone within my first ten minutes had managed to piss me off I could guarantee I would be stuck with that mood for the day. I knew it wasn’t healthy or beneficial to me and being in such moods I was certainly not making anyone else’s day better. So I jotted down these rules to keep on my bedside table to read and remember each morning. 
Don’t take people for granted
Easy enough but this is one that I do more often than I would like to believe. I can hold a grudge when I feel like someone has treated me in a way I don’t feel I deserved. I can go without seeing family members I want to see more of because I can arrange something tomorrow. At the end of the day, you don’t know how many chances, occasions, encounters you have with the people you love. Make the most of them and don’t take anyone you care about for granted. A message takes two minutes to send. Even if you feel you put in the majority of the work to keep a friend in your life keep going. Because you will never know what is around the corner, or who you will need by your side. 
Don’t spend all day looking at screens
For so many of us, our jobs revolve around staring at screens all day. Whether it is on a laptop, phone, iPad there is no escaping it. We feel connected to the world from the comfort of our homes because of them. As winter heads our way, I have promised myself that I will continue to make sure my evenings involve a good few hours of no screens. Whether this is going to the gym, putting aside a couple of hours for reading, or trying out a new recipe. I know I need to disconnect from the World for a few hours to gain perspective on the week. 
Do some sort of exercise
I always enjoy exercise. More so when I have finished then when I am doing it but I love the feeling I get when I come out of a class. I have been trying to attend the gym a few extra days a week since the nights have begun to draw in. Along with trying to get back into a routine of walking Dougal at lunch to make sure I get more exercise in. No one ever regrets doing exercise, no one ever feels worse for getting up and going for a run or trying out a new class. So whether it be a run, swim, dog walk, gym session, riding the horses of some game I am terrible at, I am going to try to incorporate more exercise into each day
Make someone else’s day better
The easiest way to make myself feel good is by making someone else feel good. I don’t do nice things for others to make myself feel happy, just to clarify. I know, however, if I do something that makes someone else feel better it makes me feel better. I hate knowing if people are down, upset or unhappy. Even people I don’t know well I will still go out to do something to improve their day or at least try to think of something. How often does a random compliment leave a smile on your face? I am going to make more effort to think of other peoples needs in the morning. What can I do to make peoples days easier or nicer? Or just improve someone’s outlook on the day too. 
Set a goal or outcome for the day
These are not going to be hard to reach goals each day. I am talking about basic tasks that I can lazily skip. Some days it might be to make a meal from scratch that is not toast or a mug shot for dinner. Or pick a nice outfit out for work that is not jeans and trainers. Finish a house job I started or do something for Todhpurs. Do something I would usually avoid or arrange to see someone I haven’t seen enough of. Something small each morning to focus on. So at the end of the day even if everything else went wrong I would feel as though I had achieved something I wanted from that day
What are the five rules you would set yourself in the morning?

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