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I have had the loveliest, lazy weekend imaginable. I was originally going to write a different intro into this post but I wasn’t feeling it so I thought I would write this blog a little later than usual and update last minute and I think it has been for the better. I have chilled out by myself, which I love a little more than I should. I ticked off so much life admin and some house jobs, I took Rooney jumping yesterday which was so much fun. The neighbours surprised me by actually re-fencing their side of the garden, Hallajua (even if they took my rose bush out, I nearly cried). I have lost count of the number of cups of tea I have consumed and feel so on top of things. Today I am making my way over to Olney near Milton Keynes to see my friend Catherine. I am taking Dougal and I will finally get to see her new range of knit wear she is launching this winter, which I am ridiculously excited about. This week has been a busy one, a massive contrast to the fun that was had last week in London but it was still a goodun so this is my weekly round-up. 

Going up

Work social – I mentioned last week about our buddy system at work and how it helps us be a little more social, and this week proved so. Wednesday I arranged a work lunch at the Garden barn in a little village near me. This is my absolute favourite place to eat in the winter, the ambience is so festive and cosy and the food is amazing. We got to know each other and caught up with others over big mugs of hot chocolate, paninis and cakes. Friday followed on with birthday celebrations for a colleague in the pub by the office. Having more of a social side to work actually, stops me from trying to pack too many jobs into my lunch hour. It can help me chill out a bit and see people which has massively lifted the mood this week.

A few lazy weekends – I finally feel after months and months of weeks and weekends packed out, desperately flicking through pages in my diary trying to find free weekends I finally have some!  I am really looking forward to some major downtime. Weekends where I can choose what time I wake up, enjoy long lazy mornings in bed drinking tea. Taking the horses out, impromptu nights out with friends, long walks with Dougal, catching up on my blog. Literally anything I want to do. The prospect has made me relaxed and unwind easier than I usually would. 

Picking George up from nursery– This week I picked my nephew George up from Nursery. I have done this a few times as my office is a short walking distance and it is always something I look forward to after work. This week the sun was still shining when we left so we took Dougal on a walk around the field. I answered every why a near three-year-old could ask and then headed back home. My sister then decided to stay for dinner with my Dad joining, (they, like everyone else coming to my house, had my home made soup and fresh out of the oven bread rolls) whilst we caught up over (mainly) work antics of the week. This is the thing I love about this season, impromptu family evenings like these would not happen in spring or summer. 

Going down

One horse in particular – on Wednesday night my mum asked if I could help her pick up one of our horses from a yard he has been at for schooling. This is a rather stubborn horse, he knows his mind and he knows us and how far he can push us. He has his tricks for avoiding going in the lorry but he usually tries his luck for about 15 minutes then gives in. So when Mum asked, I imagined even at his most difficult I would be home by 8 pm. How much did I regret that when it actually took three hours of me and Pip enticing him in with treats to actually load him. Wrapped around his finger / we are mugs we finally managed to get him on the lorry heading home by 21:30 we were the other side of Northampton and needed to go to the farm to unload and then go home from there. I casually rocked back up to my house at 11 pm having no dinner I was so desperate for my bed. Sometimes I bloody hate horses.

Missing out on my favourite blogs– Things have been so busy lately, good busy but it has meant I have really fallen off the wagon of catching up with what my favourite bloggers have been doing. I am hoping to put some time aside for a lazy Sunday morning of reading. 

Feeling like a bit of a crummy friend – This year has literally passed me by in a dizzy whirlwind. I cannot believe how fast it has gone by. Due to work commitments and just feeling rather exhausted I have continuously opted for cosy nights on the sofa drinking tea and coffee with Dougal over going out to see people. I know I am struggling to prioritise and let go of the thought that every job needs doing that second. I am hoping after a few lazy weekends I will get back into a routine of seeing people, not enjoying my own company so much and stop being such a selfish little home bird. 


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