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How are we halfway through October already? It feels as though it was only two minutes ago, since I was on holiday and now the knitwear is out in full force and plans already involve pumpkins, fireworks and Christmas outings. This week was over in a blink of an eye. I am still not eating healthy enough, my visits to the gym are still fleeting and I am not getting enough sleep, but I am happy, really really happy at the minute so whilst I would like to be a little more toned and tanned I can cope. My weekly round-up seems a little bit dull at the moment. I was contemplating giving them a break as (fortunately) there isn’t that much in my going down category, and the going up can feel a bit repetitive each week, but I enjoy looking back on these so I have continued and this my round-up of the week.  

Going up

World mental health day at work – Tuesday marked World Mental Health Day. Working for one of the largest Association in the field I was rather chuffed to hear there were plans to raise awareness to our mental health all week, especially in the workplace. Wednesday we were given a few hours off to visit our local farm shop for tea and cake and a casual catch up with our teams. Work provided us with free fruit, a health day on Thursday where we could get a full health check, free eye tests, flu jabs etc. I have also had the go-ahead to start a lunchtime yoga class at the office to improve colleagues mental and physical wellbeing. They are just small things but they make our office such a positive environment to work in.

Planning the run-up to Christmas – Translation: filling up every weekend between now and New years day. I don’t know whether it is the panic all our weekends will be snapped up, table reservations won’t be available or another concern. But this time of year my diary begins to fill up with exciting plans, weekends away and trips with friends. I have two weekends to London planned, weekends with friends. Rugby games, shopping trips, annual leave, work trips and Cardiff visits all pencilled in. I think between now and Christmas I have two weekends which remain free of plans. It is a little exhausting come to think about it. Although I am so grateful for all of the excitement.

Re-watching all Peaky Blinders – What do you do when you have a list of programmes on record that you need to catch up on? Start rewatching two series of a programme you have watched too many times. The first two series are on Netflix, I don’t think I will ever tire of Tommy or any of the episodes of Peaky Blinders. If you have not yet watched any of the series I really recommend catching up before series 4 hits our screens.

Cooking – As one of my five rules to live each day by, I promised I would cook more. Less pesto out of a jar and more wholesome, homely winter foods. I buy most of my food in bulk mainly because Aldi price it so low but I really hate waste and end up feeding half of it to the pig. This week I decided to be more mindful of what I was buying, consuming or throwing away. I whipped up another vegetable soup during my lunch hour, leaving it to simmer away in the slow cooker whilst I went back to work. It wasn’t as tasty as the spicy sweet potato one here but this was just vegetables and stock so it was super healthy. I also managed to throw together a quick banana and peanut butter cake on Wednesday night using up all the left of bananas which I shared around took to work the next day.

Going down

Feeling a bit run down– The latter part of this week I began to feel really run down. I could feel a cold coming on but being stubborn ‘I don’t take sick days’ type of person I am I persevered through it. I honestly don’t feel good for it and need to address this – no sick days mantra – I have landed myself with. My work is fully supportive of taking sick days if we are not well so I don’t know why I feel like I need to keep going in regardless of how ill I feel. Does anyone else do this?

Home clear out – I am attempting to declutter the house, parting with old clothes I no longer wear. Yet as soon as I open a wardrobe or a draw which I have not even peeped into for months I find something that has been long forgotten about. An item which was once loved, I suddenly start wearing it again. Resulting in the number of clothes doubling and I end up parting with nothing. I am ironically stocking up on minimalist books and podcasts so I can achieve this capsule wardrobe. 

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