10 reasons why you should buy The Ordinary skincare

The ordinary skincare products

It has been over a year since The Ordinary skincare launched, changing affordable skincare as we knew it. It has become my go-to brand for products I know I can rely on and products which effectively work. The Ordinary is a growing collection of skincare products and now make-up sitting under the DECIEM umbrella. Their foundation and foundation serum which was launched this year is sold in 21 different shades, one of the first companies to produce makeup where more than one shade works with your skin tone whilst catering for a variety of different skin tones and complexions. 

I for one cannot get enough of this brand. Their products prove their worth time and time again so I wanted to give you ten reasons you too should be buying products from The Ordinary. 

My photos all have foundation marks on them from my sponge which is why they don’t look shiny and new but least you can see how much I clearly use them all. 


  1. Affordable – First off they are the first skincare brand that has made products available to the masses at a realistic and affordable price.
  2. They work – Following on from the above point, their products work. My skin has changed unmeasurable amounts since investing in the Ordinary range to a point where I am confident not wearing makeup out.
  3. Foundation and serum foundation come in 21 different shades – With a helpful team of staff to help match the right colour/ colours to your skin. 
  4. They cover a number of skin concerns – There sell a variety of products to help with an assortment of different skin concerns. For me, hydration, dullness and puffiness around the eyes are my three concerns and I know which product to immediately reach for.
  5. The packaging – Simple and unique you can recognise them from their chemical, science lab appearance. Their packaging like their product is simple yet effective.
  6. They now have a store in the UK – Their first store in the UK has opened in Covent Garden and it is everything anyone could want. Simple, clean and crisp. The staff are attentive, swatched the serum foundation for me without trying to upsell or push any additional products on me – The dream
  7. Products don’t link together so you can easily buy just one product without needing another– Following on from the point above. All the products work on their own. As a brand, they haven’t tried to group products together. They don’t suggest if you buy one product you should buy another that works alongside it. Probably not the strongest sales focus but it is a strategy that works for me. I like to know a product works just as well on its own and it has encouraged me to try more products that I would not have done from a brand that did upsell products together.
  8. They are fully cruelty-free and vegan approved – this is becoming more common in beauty but not rolled out as far as it should be. It is a rarity to find a brand so affordable and accessible that is fully cruelty-free – so a big thumbs up.
  9. They are the best selling beauty brand on Asos– Which really should be all we need to know.
  10. They help you out with products, what to use and when – When I started looking into my skincare routine and what I could do to improve it, all the options were a complete minefield. I had no idea. Deciem’s website gives you a good understanding of what the product is, what it aims to do and when and how to use it. This is a huge help as the names are quite scientific/ scary. They help you to understand what and why you are buying a product. Which means I don’t buy a product because it has been heavily recommended on Instagram. I can assess for myself which has the ingredients and formula I know will work for my skin.



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