A perfect Sunday – Olney

 There are many towns in the UK which look picturesque all year round, Olney is one of them. These quaint market towns are always my favourite in Autumn and Winter, there is something festive and Hogwart-esq about them all. The sandstone bricks reflect an idyllical English picture in the autumnal sunshine. Olney is a town I use to drive through to get to Milton Keynes. Whilst shopping in Milton Keynes was of no interest to me I always hoped we would have a chance to stop by for a mooch around but the opportunity never arose until last weekend. My friend Catherine has not long moved down to Bedfordshire, so when she asked to use Dougal for some photos for her new knitwear collection (I was just Dougal’s extra) I was rather chuffed, to say the least when she suggested Olney
A few Sundays back, Pip and I made the 45-minute journey over. Arriving a little earlier than everyone else we took the opportunity to wander around the town stopping to enjoy some hot drinks in the sun.

We settled down at the Pancake Parlour for hot chocolates whilst watching enviously at the variety of pancakes being served. Trying to avoid the urge to buy food, we decided to take a look around the town to see what the shops had to offer. Dougal was of course with us so we didn’t go in but it was evident this town was to be a firm favourite when we came across an equestrian shop on the high street. There is also an assortment of home stores, a bespoke toy shop, a Joules and an Aston Martin sales and restoration specialists who kindly let me go in and take photos to send to my Dad. 
After our stroll, we met up with Catherine, Beth along with Hayley and Will who were modelling the new Ted and Bessie AW17 range and went about taking photos. I am usually the one who takes the photos, I don’t mind a selfie knowing that I can delete if I don’t like it but I have always been slightly awkward having my own photo taken due to the dislike towards my smile. Yet secretly enjoying being the centre of attention like I do, I soon mellowed into it and now my Instagram in swamped with photos of myself and Dougal. 
 We walked a few laps of the town, finding locations which would work best, Beth capturing some amazing photos of the collection I am sure you will agree. Along with Pip who kindly took some photos on my camera as well which turned out so well, especially for someone who says she cannot take photos (all featured photos are Pips).
We were so fortunate with the weather, the crisp orange leaves had fallen all around, making it the perfect autumnal day to explore the town without being in the way of residents too much. After a few hours of me posing awkwardly, whilst watching Hayley and Will handle it like true professionals, laughs with Catherine (she never fails to have me in tears) we rounded off the afternoon back at the Pancake Parlour where I ordered the most delicious sugar packed Malteser milkshakes. Going our separate ways (after the mandatory hug I have to give when I see Catherine and Beth, them both knowing how much I hate contact) in the happiest of moods. The drive there is so easy we have decided Olney and surrounding areas are to be our meet up point more often. As the late afternoon sun shone for the journey home I felt so incredibly lucky. I know it is neither the Maldives or Bali or anywhere exotic  but to me, a new place meeting lovely people is as good as any. I left feeling rathered chuffed with life. I am going to continue exploring new places for little day trips as the last couple of weeks I feel I have ticked off so many sites I have saved up over the years and didn’t spend much money at all. I feel so much more content at home writing this. So hopefully there will be more of these posts to come.
Have you ever been to Olney or know of any little places we should visit? 

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