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I wish all my weeks could be like this one. I have seen friends, spent time with both my Grandma and Granny, cooked dinner for my family, had time with my nephew. Work has been great and I have had time to write a fair few blog posts, I squeezed in some evening rides out on Rooney before it gets too dark and booked my new kitchen in (eek), which I would be excited about if I wasn’t so nervous about the change and expense. I am finding this time of the year so productive and hope it continues. As this post goes out I will also be on my way to a spa day with my sisters so I really cannot grumble about anything. This is my round-up of the week. 

Going up 

Pumpkin picking Sunday roast – As you will be aware from my Instagram and blog post on Friday. Last Sunday my family and I visited Cattow’s Farm in Leicestershire to pick our own pumpkins. I did a full post here if you want to catch up on it all. 

Black Iron Winstanley House – I had initially started writing a little snippet for this section and it quickly escalated. I have too much to say about this restaurant in just one paragraph so a full post will follow soon. Black Iron is the resident restaurant at Winstanley House, a renovated luxury boutique hotel which opened this week. Again for anyone who follows me on Instagram (anyone feeling like they’re missing out the link is here) will have seen the amazing food we had on Monday night. This restaurant is really something special so if you get the chance or are in the area I would really recommend booking. 

Slow cooker stew – The cooking has continued, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel for it. This week after spotting a recipe online I cooked the family a chicken and chorizo stew. I would say it was more of a rice dish than a stew but this was the first time I had planned an actual meal and left it to cook whilst I went to work. I will put the full recipe up soon as it is so simple and absolutely delicious even If I say so myself. I now have a list of meals I want to try. Slow cooking dinner frees up so much time. On Wednesday I managed to cook the family dinner, walk the dogs go to the gym and do a full day at work before 18:30 when my Dad arrived. 

Diwali Celebrations – On Thursday we had full intentions of taking my nephew to the Diwali celebrations in Leicester, it is an occasion and celebration I have wanted to visit for years but when the rain started to pour we decided against trying to entertain a near three-year-old. We went on Friday night instead, and honestly, I had the best time! We went around on the big wheel which I would usually refuse to go anywhere near. George reassuring me I was brave, followed by “George not brave” (because unlike me he was not scared). Finally safe, with my feet firmly on the ground all I wanted was popadoms and mango chutney. Bribing George with sweets however backfired slightly so we found a sweet mart/ restaurant on Melton Road and bought the tastiest sweet cakes, wishing now I had taken the name of the shop because they were absolutely delicious. This night was such an eye opener, it made me feel so grateful for every moment I spend with my family, the precious moments spent with George whilst he is this age and the relationships I  have with my sisters, along with all the amazing opportunities around me. I always feel as though I need to be travelling because if I am travelling I am experiencing new cultures, new ways of life and broadening my horizon but there is so much culture on my doorstep. This is one of my favourite areas of Leicester. The food, the colours, the textiles, the fabrics, the people. There is such a buzz, a sense of community I don’t feel from anywhere else. 

Going down

Gin consumption – I don’t class myself as a big drinker, to be honest, I bearly drink alcohol at all but I noticed this week, gin and gin cocktails featured on my Instagram news feed four days in a row, sparking concern mainly for my complexion and my bank balance. I try to always opt for gin in hope that if I need to drink any alcohol this is the best for skin and I absolutely love it. Rhubarb gin with an Elderflower tonic is the most dangerous drink I stumbled upon since an Ocean Club Daiquiri. So I am going to give myself a little break from drinking. Try and up my H2o levels and rehydrate my skin. By a break, I mean a week.

Coppa Club Igloo sell out – These Igloos made their festive debut in London last year, I was a little late to the party so by the time I tried to book I wasn’t surprised when all the reservations had been taken. Not wanting to miss out this year I had signed up for their newsletter and turned coppa club notifications on my Instagram so I didn’t miss out. Monday 16th came, my phone flashed, Coppa Club has shared a photo, I knew it was the notification I had been waiting for. Queue 150,000 browser refreshes and 5 phone calls they were sold out. These igloos went faster than Adele tickets last year. I couldn’t believe it. We have booked in for dinner at Chiltern Fire House which I am sure everyone will agree is a million times better. but if something sells out so quickly put more on, just saying.

Bake off – Channel 4 expected a lot from us, they moved channels, they made it longer, they broke for adverts, they took Mary, Sue and Mel from us and left us with Paul and a judge I still can’t remember the name of. They threw in Noel and Sandi to soften the blow and we were ok, we adapted, it wasn’t the same but we coped, grew to like it even, made comments on how it really wasn’t that much different. But this week was unforgiveable, I am not sure I am even interested in watching it anymore. 

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