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I haven’t uploaded a media round-up post in so long. Work got a little bit crazy and my reading and viewing fell completely into disarray. I have managed to find snippets of time recently to sit down and make my way through some of my favourites. I have caught up on so much. Some ridiculously funny, some I could not tear my eyes from and others which resonated with me. So I thought I would sit down and put a little media roundup together for you all.
Tv I am loving 
Gun Powder – This hugely anticipated drama on BBC has arrived with a bang (no pun intended) and has had people talking ever since. Based on the true events which took place around the Gun Power plot, the failed assign attempt against King James and the Houses of parliament. In a three-part drama, Gun Powder has kept us on tenterhooks each episode. I noticed Gun Powder advertised a while back and couldn’t wait for it to start. I’m a bit of a history geek and love a period drama so I was rather eager to see what they did with this. Especially to see whether the stories which float around local villages (I live near Rugby) actually featured. It really has not disappointed. The first episode was slightly gorier than I needed as I caught up on it on a Sunday morning but it was so gripping. I wish they could have made it into a longer series. Catch it on BBC Iplayer whilst you can.
Travels with my father – This is a new series by Jack Whitehall following him on his ‘gap year’ travels with his father. This is new to Netflix so I stuck it on one evening needing some background noise. Three hours later I had done no work but I had cried with laughter the whole way through. I am now watching the series for the second time, and it only gets funnier. I am not hugely in to stand up comedies usually. I find I enjoy them once they are on but never find myself reaching for them but this is hilarious. If you are needing a mid-week pick me up I recommend popping one on for an hour. It is time you won’t regret. 
Podcast on non-stop
No such thing as a fish As a fan of Qi I knew I would love this podcast. It has been a firm favourite for a while now. I love the random facts they bring to the show each week. I try to remember at least one fact per podcast, which is harder than it sounds because they discuss so many. One to pass a journey or a quiet day by quickly.
My Dad wrote a porno –  I have mentioned this podcast many a time before. When I began listening to Jamie, James and Alice I plugged it everywhere, it is all I had to talk about it. I made colleagues listen to it at work so they would share ‘how much did you laugh’ stories. This podcast is side-splittingly funny. I have devoured all three series. It can take me from the gloomiest of moods and leave me crying with laughter. If you have not yet listened to it I recommend you get on to it.
The heart of it – Estee Lalonde – This is a podcast I subscribed to a while ago without putting time aside to listen to it. I finally began listening to it on a regular basis when I was looking for something to help me sleep. I don’t mean that in an insulting way, at all. There is nothing boring about this podcast in the slightest. Estee, a lifestyle blogger and author has such a soothing voice it instantly relaxes me. I find when I get into bed if I put an episode on put my phone under my pillow, I concentrate on the content with no distractions. Each episode explores a relevant and topical issue close to Estee. The way in which Estee delivers each episode really helps me unwind. I am only a few episodes in but I am already hooked. I look forward to climbing into bed to listen to a new episode. 
Book I am reading
I am currently reading A gathering light. This is one of the books I picked up during my charity shop book haul I posted here. I took the opportunity whilst at the spa to get into this book, it did not take long! A gathering light is that perfect Sunday read. Despite being set in 1905, (I presume it’s around this time), the author transports you straight into the farm where Mattie is living. I managed to read half of this novel at the spa and have picked it up on every occasion I have had since. It is such a great feeling having a book on the go, eager for the next moment you can steal some time to find out what happened next
Blog post – I loved recently
Sophie Cliff – How to love myself – I became a little bit emotional reading this. Sophie has always had an enviable way with words. This piece along with this one ‘A little reminder’ really resonated with me. I am usually quite content being the person I am in the body that I have. I like my figure, I don’t love it but I know it could be worse. The same goes for my face, hair, body, personality etc but Sophie delved deep into how wonderful we all really are. The little things we have been capable of doing because of who we are and what our bodies achieve. I recommend reading if you are having a little self-esteem dip. It was the pick me up I needed. 
Vlogs – I am actually getting into
Ok so probably the biggest names in vlogging it is no surprise I am into these. Vlogs, however, are usually not for me. I like to read, I enjoy words, absorbing content at my own pace. Clicking on links and going back. Vlogs I don’t know.. it took me a long while to get, then I realised I wasn’t watching the right ones. I don’t care for those vlogs which fast forward through the application of makeup, leaving the house or vlogging their journey. But I do like sit down, haul Vlogs. The Vlogs I have loved lately are the Glossier ‘what to buy reviews’ after the big UK launch. (The verdict so far is that there are now only two products I am interested in trying, FYI). I absolutely love Fleur’s weekly blog, she comes across as such a lovely down to earth women. Anna, I find I agree with everything she says. I know that sounds weird. Her opinions are so honest and I think I like her because she reminds me of Emma Stone. Liv is your everyday sort of women. (By every day I mean dress fantastic all day every day). Her Q&A Vlogs have been my favourite as I am nosy but I have also loved making my way through her recent home Vlogs. If you have struggled with Vlogs in the past I would really recommend these lovely ladies.  

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  • Travels With My Father is probably my favourite series this year, so hilarious. Told my parents to watch it too and they couldn’t get enough.

    Will have to check out No Such Thing as a Fish – running out of podcasts to listen to on my walk to work!

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