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Hello, It is this time of the week again. I don’t feel as though I have achieved anything this week other than drinking ten thousand cups of tea. In actual fact I have had a really lovely week, I managed to get a head start buying presents for the mountain of birthdays I have in November and December, caught up with some of my favourites in person and on the phone for those in different countries and allowed myself time to binge on a bit of the wildly anticipated new series of stranger things. The very lazy Sunday I had at the spa last week put me in good stead for the rest of the week. So much so, I could not think of anything to feature in the going down category so this is a post of all the lovely things from this week. 
Kitchen bottom draw – I mentioned last week I have booked my new kitchen fitting in for the new year. I’m not entirely sure if the scale of the project has really sunk in yet, although I would like to think I am excited. Or at least I will be once it is in. What I am looking forward to however is my ‘kitchen bottom draw’. I have begun to make little purchases to store away until the kitchen is complete, so I can have a few new bits to put out. My first purchase was this doormat from Next. You walk straight into my kitchen from the driveway, (random I know). So a new doormat was the first place I started. I also bought a few bits from HomeSense which I cannot link to. I will hopefully upload kitchen haul post at the end of the process. 
Last of the summer evenings – Aware the clocks were going back today and the lighter evenings were going to cease to exist for another 5 or so months. I decided to make the most of taking Rooney out riding after work. I am grateful for the hour or so I have to myself where I leave screens, writing, work and whats app behind. A chance to enjoy being outside with my favourite animals.
Catch up with Alex – When Alex invited me over for dinner and my nails doing, I was aware I had landed the best arrangement possible. Arriving at her home greeted by fajitas sizzling away in the kitchen I was relieved when I noticed Alex too was in her pjs. We caught up over some yummy food. Both laughing at the usual antics ‘of how ridiculous can two people’s 20s be?’ and then she painted my nails. I went with this autumn grey/blue colour. I was rather apprehensive moving away from my standard grey colour but I am rather chuffed I did. This is definitely my all-time favourite nail colour. I would say it is more of a dark pastel blue/ grey colour but it compliments my autumn wardrobe. I may have also convinced Alex to set up her own little internet space, fingers crossed.
Work Socials -I have always enjoyed my job and the people I see but when things became a little stale I couldn’t put my finger on it. I put it down to everyday monotonous routine and hoped it would soon shake up which it most definitely has. This week was the start of the yoga sessions I have been arranging with HR. We had a promising turnout and I am rather proud I actually managed to make something happen. This was my first ever real yoga class as well so it is a big tick for 2017. As a group we also went on dog walk Wednesday. It was a ‘bring your own dog’ invite. Yet being the only member of the group close enough to take their dogs I had my concerns. I imagined everyone enjoying a leisurely stroll whilst I ran after, shouting at my dogs but it went great. It was a bright day filled with sunshine, we walked across the fields near work. It was a nice break from our screens and a stress-free dog walk for me. We have so many occasions planned from work based outtings to evening plans it has made a huge difference to how I see weekdays/ nights. 
Friend packed Saturday – Yesterday I packed so much friend time into my day. It was such a good day which left me feeling much lighter and happier. After a busy morning with the horses and an hour or so with my squealing nephew at my mum’s house, I left to make my way over to the Tithe Barn in Cosby. A little coffee catch up with Lauren, Rosie and Becky. It was a relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. After that is was back home to do a bit of work binge on Stranger Things before heading out for dinner with the girls et al. We booked in at the new Himalayan restaurant in our town which for our little town had been receiving some pretty good reviews, it did not disappoint. It was one of those evenings the girls gravitated to one and end of the table and the boys the other so after we decided we should regroup and made our way to a bar for gin and jenga. It was so great seeing them, I laughed, ate too much and felt like my light-hearted self. All the things that had been bothering me lately just didn’t seem to matter. I also managed to prove I was pretty good at Jenga. It has made me even more excited for the time I will get to spend with them in the run up to Christmas! 



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