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Can you believe November is here? I am aware I say this every year but time flies. I have always believed Spring was my favourite month. Spring is new, fresh, everything comes to life, the light nights are back and I suddenly have a life outside of work. However, I am embracing Autumn this year. For the first time I have noticed the difference in me. I am more chilled out, content and relaxed than I have felt in a while. 

This week has been Busssssy. I have carved pumpkins. I had a family filled evenings of Scrabble and yummy food. I baked a cake for my friends 30th and celebrated all day with her. My nephew had a sleepover at my house. I spent evenings with friends and I spent time with the horses. All whilst maintaining this feeling of gratitude for my life, things feel pretty bloody great at the moment. This is my weekly round-up.  
Going up 
Westonbirt – Many of my Sunday activities are often not included in the round-up.  This post always goes out on a Sunday, so usually by the following post excursions I went on a week ago seem distant. Nonetheless last Sunday we went on our annual Westonbirt trip down in Tetbury and it was a delight. I was so surprised with how nice the weather was. The trees had lost a few more leaves than usual thanks to all the hurricanes, regardless they were all still spectacular shades of burnt orange, brown, green, red, autumn in every shade. Dougal came with us as well which he loved. After our walk, it was my task to find a dog-friendly pub. The Tunnel House Inn in Cirencester being a family favourite was in for the clear winning. Especially when The Hare and Hounds said the bar area was a walk-in only. If you ever make a trip down to Westonbirt with the dogs I recommend either of these pubs. We rounded off a bright, crisp autumnal day with a delicious roast dinner and sponge pudding. I was reluctant to go to Westonbirt on Sunday, I felt so weighed down by my To-Do list. The escape from home and change of scenery was the dose of perspective I needed. A small reminder that those little things don’t matter.  

Cosy Monday pub night –  Thursday my lovely friend who I met this time last year moved back home. Home to a completely different country. To say our goodbyes we met near to her house, back at the Curzon arms, the pub I mentioned in this post here. With my Mum, her Husband, and my sister joining us too. The Curzon encompasses everything you could want from a country pub. Inside it is cosy, snug and friendly. Large wooden boards served covered with rustic bread, pesto and garlic. A menu made up of delicious pub favourites to keep you warm on a frosty night. The roaring fire bringing that festive feel together. It was the perfect evening to catch up on her plans. I am gutted my friend is leaving. However hearing the plans she has when she is home I know it is the best for her. She has also given me some travel inspiration for next year!

Slow mornings – I have always eaten breakfast at work. Wolfing down something as I make my way through my emails. Due to some changes to the office, however, my morning routine was shaken up a little. Instead of rushing off in the morning I have made an effort to enjoy some time at home before leaving for work. The additional hour from the clocks going back is yet to catch up with me, leaving me with some long lazy mornings. I have time to enjoy breakfast with a cup of tea in bed whilst reading a few pages of my book, it has been blissful. I want to keep them up for as long as I can. 
Going down 
So much darkness – There are elements to Autumn and Winter I love but plunging into darkness the last week of October is not one of them. I enjoy the guiltless evening of going home and snuggling straight into my pjs. No longer feeling lazy sinking into the sofa and a glass of wine at 18:30. The darkness although does not make the above feel worth it. One week in and I miss walking home in the sunshine, I miss long hacks out on the horses after work. Warm long dog walks and runs in the countryside. Beer gardens and al fresco dinners with my friends. The feeling as though I have endless possibilities when work finishes.  
Christmas countdown – I love Christmas, as much as the next person and more so. November rolled in and it felt as though everyone started the ‘Countdown to Christmas’. I know there are moments where the Christmas spirit hits you and you can’t help but feel all festive. But I always worry there are people out there who find Christmas unbearably hard. Hard for reasons we may or may not know, it is a week which can be a difficult period for many. A reminder of those they are not spending Christmas with. So when you start sharing the excitement about the festive period on social media the first week of November please bear a thought for others. For those friends who would do anything to sleep through this period and wake up in the New Year. Who would rather bury their head than spend another Christmas in their circumstances?  
Our Girl *Includes spoilers* – I knew the outcome of this series after episode 3 when Elvis came back. I was in two minds whether to even entertain the last episode. This week I have felt so happy with so many great things happening. I didn’t want to watch the gut-wrenching death of my favourite man on TV for the second time (TB to Freddie in Skins). Yet struggling with the aggravating feeling I was going to be left with if I did not finish the series, I went ahead and watched it, didn’t I? Still unsure why I did it to myself it was totally unnecessary.

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