November Make-up bag & They’re all high street

My make up bag has come on a long way since the days where I believed the more money I spent the better the makeup. I invested money in so many Benefit products. Essentially because they sit in the high-end price bracket. Yet I understood what they set out to achieve. I purchased some of the most useless and pointless products. Some I hated. Yet because I trusted them as a brand I genuinely believed it was me struggling with the products. Instead of understanding Benefit and similar brands could make a product that didn’t work. Or at least didn’t work for my skin type. 
This autumn I have either opted for absolutely no makeup to give my skin some time out. Or I have tried to channel the ‘non-makeup’ look. I feel as though I have managed to achieve ok results with this every day look. These are the products which have featured heavily in my autumn makeup look. *(Spoiler -they are all high street).*

The ordinary foundation serum

I deliberated on whether to purchase this product. I have read, watched and devoured reviews on both the serum and the full coverage foundation. By the end of them all, I was none the wiser. Some loved the serum and didn’t enjoy the full coverage and I found the other half of reviews were the reverse. In the end, I settled for the serum. Wanting a lighter coverage to the Lasting Finish and Magic Foundation which I will reach for on a full makeup day. I love this foundation. I actually find the finish covers more than some full coverage foundation has claimed to do and it lasts. I tend to use this as a base if I want to wear makeup to work. It is light, breathable, I forget that I have it on and it really helps to conceal those dark circles I can wake up with. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

This is the third consecutive purchase of this foundation so I would safely say I am a fan. I picked this up to go alongside my magic foundation. I love my Charlotte Tilbury products but they are rather pricey. I try to save them for days where I have time to appreciate applying my makeup. I love the colour and coverage of this foundation. This foundation has quite a dewy finish which suits my complexion. I love the glow, my skin always looks that little more hydrated when it is applied. 
The first concealer I can say I have ever loved. The only other concealer which has come close is Benefit Erase Paste. I do often struggle with darkness in the corners of my eyes but this concealer has proven its worth. The colour suits my skin and the longevity of this product is really impressive. There is not a massive amount of product but I do feel it is good value for money, a concealer I buy repeatedly.

Revolution highlighter

This was a highlighter I saw my friend wearing and couldn’t get over how good her cheekbones looked. I had begun to believe contouring didn’t work for my face. After trying this product, however, I realised I have been reaching for the wrong products. My skin tends to absorb liquid/ cream contour products. Instead of defined prominent cheekbones, I feel caked in makeup. A brush of this product on my cheekbones and jawline has given me the look I have tried to create with so many products before. I can’t see another product replacing it anytime soon. The only grumble I have is when I was travelling back from London the packed powder all fell apart. This happened to both mine and my sisters. Luckily it remained in the casing but I have to be careful everytime I open it, I had only had it for a few days at this point. 

I picked this up on a whim. The colours are very similar to those of the Heat pallet. I would say it is Revolution’s nearest dupe of the brand. I have mentioned many a time, dupes don’t sit that well with me. But I am also not someone who is willing to drop £40 on eyeshadow. #firstworldproblems shocker, I have other purchases I’d priorities over shimmery eyelids. I decided to buy this not expecting too much from it. (And I wonder where my money goes). Aside from the colours which are perfect for autumn, I am also impressed with the powders longevity. I wore one to work the other day, heading straight to the gym from work most of my make up had long sweated off. You can imagine my surprise when my eyeshadow from this £4 pallet was still shining away. Due to its stickability and autumnal colours be given a big thumbs up from me. 

Maybelline waterproof mascara

I wouldn’t usually buy a waterproof mascara. This product was sent to me by accident with another order so I thought I would give it a go. It is now the mascara I always reach for. I have mascaras from Maybelline which I love but the products I usually reach for have a plastic applicator. Whilst they are effective at lengthening my lashes I don’t feel the plastic applicators thicken my lashes at the bottom like this one does. This mascara has a brush application which really thickens my lashes whilst subtly lengthening them. Leaving them with a more natural look. If anyone knows of any other similar brush mascaras please let me know. 

Benefit Kapow brow 

I have had a sample of this lying around for quite some time now. I could not tell you why it has taken until now to try it. The colour is perfect for me, natural rather than darkening and it doesn’t dry on my brows. Many products I have found shap my brows perfectly but they set them solid, which is not a look I enjoy. I have loved Kapow brow by benefit and will be purchasing this product when my sample runs out. 

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