The backwards Bucket list – 40 things I have done

This isn’t an original idea of mine. I came across it on another site, I can’t remember what site it was otherwise I would have 100% credited it (if anyone knows who posted it recently let me know!). This was an idea I instantly fell in love with, and whilst I don’t like the thought of using someone else’s idea I think it is a concept we could all hugely benefit from.

We are a generation who thrive off experiences, ticking off places and cramming everything onto our To Do and To See lists. I knew recapping on some of the amazing things I have already been able to do would do wonders for me. If any of you are feeling in a bit of a slump, I recommend you jot down some of the experiences you have already had. 

  1. I became an aunt. I have been lucky enough to see my nephew grow and change into the little boy he now is 
  2. I know how to ride a horse and it is a hobby I have kept in my life for 27 years
  3. I bought a house which feels like home
  4. I renovated said house and almost have a finish line in sight
  5. I got a dog and look after him like he is the most important dog in the world
  6. I have a great relationship with my two amazing parents
  7. I have 1000s of memories with my two sisters, from waking up as excited children on Christmas day to holidays, dancing nights away as drunk teenagers to city breaks and new business ventures in our twenties. 
  8. I have set up a company with my two favourite people. Designing and selling something we are hugely passionate about
  9. I learned to cheerish friendships and relationships I want in my life
  10. I bought a car I love
  11. I got braces despite all the worry and never looked back
  12. I watched 100s of amazing films which have taught me so much
  13. I have watched The Ashes in Brisbane for two days in the hottest conditions and actually learned cricket is pretty cool
  14. I sailed around the Whitsunday islands seeing some of the most amazing sites
  15. I went to Las Vegas and spent 8 days living like a princess in the MGM and scaring myself at the Grand Canyon
  16. I went to University, called another city home for three years whilst making friends whom will be with me forever
  17. I have been on many a girls holiday and laughed until I couldn’t breath
  18. I have loved, had my heart broken and learned first hand that they always get easier
  19. I have continuted to visit new cities and experience different cultures 
  20. I landed a job I never thought I would be able to get
  21. I have taught myself things I never thought I would understand
  22. I have enjoyed the festive period many years over with my nearest and dearest
  23. I have drunk and danced until it was the next day
  24. I have been to Glastonbury
  25. I have been to many gigs to see my favourite bands play
  26. I have watched some of my favourite people marry their best friends
  27. I have saved for things that I never dreamed I would own
  28. I have watched my favourite musicals in the west end. Followed by weeks of singing the soundtrack with my little sister
  29. Made myself stick with something even if I was pretty rubbish to start with
  30. I have learned to be confident in who I am – It is easier to be accepted as you than someone who is trying to be someone else
  31. I have holidayed in a part of Spain so many times it feels like a home away from home, filling a lifetime of memories with some incredible people
  32. I have read hundreds of books which always lead to the most amazing conversations
  33. I have cheered at many a game played by Leicester Tigers alongside my Dad
  34. I have white water rafted around volcanos in Bali
  35. I have been to Bethlehem, the dead sea and Jerusalem – But can only remember my mum floating as far away from us as she could, the amazing sand turtles we made each day and the soldiers calling my sister Pippa, pepper army truck
  36. I have visited some amazing restaurants and ate some of the most delicious food whilst enjoying time with my family
  37. I attempted to learn to surf in Newquay and realised my time was better spent trying to catch a cornish tan than trying to get my balance together 
  38. I have been my friends biggest cheerleader, watching them succeed and do things that make them happy is the best feeling
  39. I have been in a gondola around the canals of Venice
  40. I have given proud mary my all every time it has come on despite how bad my feet felt, how tired I may have felt or even if I am driving. That song encompasses every big occasion in my twenties. Every party, every wedding, every special time there has been a proud mary moment 

The best thing about this is I know I have left off so many other amazing holidays, days out and memories. I was conscious I didn’t want this to sound like a bragfest but so much of this post for me was made up of those little memories. The ones made with family and friends that mean the most. This post didn’t include the time with family where I have laughed until I cried. The memories you try to retell but you can’t get the story out because you are laughing so hard.

Some of your best days, memories and adventures are still yet to happen. I know I will look back at this and think ‘why did I choose that memory?’ and ‘How did I forget to add this one?’ But in a short period of time, I have been able to remind myself how fortunate I have been so far. 

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