Weekly round-up

Winter has well and truly has arrived, hasn’t it? I am writing this with Dougal next to me in his Christmas jumper, so we have declared it. I have been greeted by the prettiest walks to work in the mornings, bright blue skies, the burnt orange leaves and the frost covering them all. It is a nice reminder that the colder months are not as bad as we remember them to be.

The thing I love most about this time of year is that each day I am greeted by another plan, day out, party or get together. It feels as though everyone is that bit more sociable.

I am unsure anything can go down the week Twitter introduced 280 characters to all and the John Lewis advert came out (although I don’t think it was worth the hype *sorry*) This is my weekly round-up. 

Going up 

One of my all-time favourite people asked me to be her chief bridesmaid  – I am certain nothing will top this week because this week I was asked to not only be a bridesmaid for one my most favourite people ( a favourite couple too), I was asked to be her chief bridesmaid. I have never been anyone’s bridesmaid before so when she asked me I was speechless, my voice went all weird and squeaky and all that would come out was ‘omg are you serious, thank you’, followed by a load of jumble. Through all the excitement I have for them both I am a little nervous, this is a big job and I hope I do the best job I can, I know 2018 is going to be a busy year! 

Clothes clear out and refresh – I have put off eBaying and clearing out my clothes for what feels like a lifetime. Until last week when I was trying to avoid something even more mundane than clearing clothes out and I managed to upload a haul of old dresses. It always feels as though it is going to be more effort in my mind, within 20 minutes a whole load of my unloved clothes were photographed and uploaded onto eBay. So far I have managed to sell quite a bit making some extra pennies for Christmas and making room in my wardrobe for some needed new winter staples. I came across some old favourites I still love but needed a bit of a facelift of TLC so I took them along to my Mums for her to fix. I even took my loafers to the shoe repairs in town and had them rehealed. Everything feels so much fresher already. 

Presents from my sisters – Both my sisters were lucky enough to be whisked off by their Partners last weekend. Yay for them [insert eye roll here]. Which meant I was at home with both the Nephew and Indie the dog. I can tell you near 3 George was easier to look after than Indie. But both Hannah and Pip returned home happy, and more importantly with presents for me which were very kind of them. Evidently, they both know me well because they came back with different gins for me. I also got some of the nicest Earl Grey tea and other yummy treats and not to mention a weekend of peace and quiet and my parents all to myself. They can definitely go on holiday more often.  

The importance of switching off – I have had a manic couple of weeks work wise, I feel like I am losing my mind most days, those days of opening a new email and immediately forgetting who and what you were writing to or about. I usually try to make sure I do some variety of exercise after work each night. Wednesdays I have lunchtime yoga and my sister had walked the dogs so at Five Pm I headed straight home, put my pjs on, grabbed the duvet from the spare room and got myself comfy on the sofa. I put my phone on aeroplane mode (I know, shocks all around) and put Paddington on whilst catching up with some blogging. There was not an ounce of guilt I felt so good, so happy I am always pleased I am one of those people who love their own company a night of being on my own catching up with was bliss.

Going down

Lack of my attention – I realised lately that nothing I did bar work was getting my full attention. I managed to ‘watch’ the series of Stranger things without feeling as though I had any idea of what was going on, I am usually watching some, whilst writing or typing something with my phone flashing next to me with my mind wandering back to anything weird or awkward I might have said to someone 5 years ago. Yoga has helped me channel my thoughts so much but it doesn’t take away the number of distractions I surround myself on a daily basis so from now on if I sit down and watch an episode of anything the laptop is going to be shut and the phone is going to be off. 

John Lewis ad – It doesn’t deserve a whole mention it really isn’t that bad. I understand the concept it follows each year, two friends and a special gift, but I don’t know this year was a bit meh. The bear and the Hare still gets me, the man on the moon had such an important message but I felt this year wasn’t worth the hype they put behind it, it came out a week later than usual…. saving the best till last but it just does nothing for me. Although I do guiltily love the covers of songs each year. So whilst I don’t want to rain on the Christmas parade this is actually so far my least favourite advert. 



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