Weekly Round-up

What a crazy week. Another event ticked off. A 13-hour working day on Thursday which has left filled with appreciation for work and pretty exhausted. One more next week then my events are over for the year. This time next week I will (hopefully) be catching up in Cardiff with my uni housemates in our first full uni reunion since we left. I am beyond excited to have us all together in Cardiff. I began to feel rather nostalgic for my uni days this month. It feels almost as though those years never happened, as though I never lead a part of my life in a different city to the one I have always called home. 

Lately, I have become more mindful of the mood I am in, I know my days are busy and stressful which can leave me snappy. So this week I decided to clear my diary for today and enjoy a slower morning with the horses before Tigers this afternoon with my Dad. I filled my week listening to my favourite musical playlist on Spotify, whilst tackling my to do list, Matilda and the Book of Mormon soundtrack never fail to lift my mood. I also managed to begin sorting out some Christmas shopping.

My weekly roundups are now fundamentally things I have loved, which I should be happy about. No one wants to hear about me being tired, or lack of gym appearances week in week out but I am conscious for a second week there is no going down section for any cynical readers I have. These are the little moments I have loved this week.

Mum’s Shepherds Hut – My Mum’s husband Andy has been working on this shepherds hut intermediately for a year now. The base (the wheels and trailer frame) was a present to my mum last year and since then he has been building it by himself. Together they have created the most amazing shepherd’s hut which will be available to book out soon. It will be moved down to the Orchard at the farm so it is out of the way of people, horses, etc. It has running water, log fire, electricity and a real flushable toilet. There will also be a shower cabin outside next to it, they really have thought of everything. I have set up an Instagram and Facebook page for them so please give them a follow if you are interested in a little country retreat in Leicestershire.   


Paddington two – I love Paddington, I saw the first one last year and instantly knew it was going to one of those yearly festive films. I couldn’t wait to see the second one. My nephew George had not been to the cinema before so we decided to brave it and take him on Sunday. Apprehensive of how long he would sit still for, we booked tickets near the front and armed ourselves with popcorn, sweets, drinks and sat down. I can’t believe how good he was (he can be quite the character most of the time) his eyes were fixed on the screen the whole time unless they were looking into the pick n mix bag. Literally melted my heart. The film was as good if not better than the first, I would really recommend if you are looking for a nice festive treat. 

London for Dad’s birthday – Friday was my Dad’s birthday. A man notoriously hard to buy for unless you are happy to buy the same socks and chocolate each year. We try to treat him to days out instead. I am fortunate to have a family who through our faults enjoy spending time with each other, so yesterday we surprised him with a trip to London for a tour of Houses of Parliment.  My sister and friend had been before and loved it, an easy decision made. We packed into my sister’s new car and made our way down to London for the day. We booked tickets for the Parliment audio tour, it took about an hour and a half but I could not recommend it more, I learned so much in that short period. After the tour, Dad was keen to find more to drink and to stay out of the rain we headed to Tattershall Castle, a boat pub on the Themes. After adjusting to the boats sway I enjoyed my first two mulled wines of the year. We finished the day off with cocktails and dinner at Brasserie Zedel. A grand art deco French restaurant. From the road, this restaurant is a quaint, intimate cafe but through the doors and down the stairs it opens into a whole new World. It was such a surprise and a perfect way to end the day with my Aunt and Uncle from London too who we don’t see enough of.

One in every colour – back in August I bought a printed dress from Zara. I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it so promised myself I would return it if I didn’t wear it. I live in this dress, it has reached a point where I began apologising to my friends if I was about to leave the house in again. After shifting old clothes on eBay I decided to treat myself to the same dress in a few new patterns and I love them. The patterns are a little garish vibrant but I love how they look, I love clothes I feel confident in, which to me is far more important than keeping up with trends.

Peaky Blinders series 4 –  err could this have kicked off with any more drama? I am still trying to digest it all but episode 1 did not disappoint. 

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