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Good morning Monday, sorry for the late post, I was deciding whether I wanted to post just another weekly round-up again as you will be aware my content has been rather slack of late. Yesterday morning I woke up at my dear friend Amy’s for my last day in Cardiff after one lovely, friend and memory filled weekend. Staying in Cardiff for a few days was what I have needed. I always forget how much I love this city, how much I love city life. Drinking, however, I think I am over (call me boring). I felt as though I wasted my Sunday and ruined my insides.
Last week was a busy one, with a sad note as we found our beloved Dusty passed away in the field on Friday morning. Dusty is one of the Andalusian mares we bought from Spain when I was 13. At the age of 24 she had a good life. I am relieved we didn’t have to make the decision to say goodbye, in true Dusty style it was all done on her terms but it was as heartbreaking as ever when my mum broke the news. On a positive note, however, my weekly round-up has gained some normality this week so here they are. 
Going up 
Family videos – My Mum surprised us with one of the most thoughtful ideas she has had by having our old home films converted onto a USB. I am certain I am a little bias as the one we watch was majority made up of me. I was the fun two-year-old. Hannah was already 8 and Pip only a baby so I was the star (the god most awful child, how did I not know?) of the show. We watched the films on Wednesday night and laughed so much. It was a lovely treat for us all, as were the videos of me falling off my Shetland Rosie at two years old. We were crying with laughter at the falls I had to go through. The falls Mum would never let George (nearly 3) endure.
A year of weekly round-ups – This week marks a year of my weekly round-up posts. Although they have changed a little along the way the concept has stayed the same. I am chuffed with myself for keeping them up each week. I enjoy looking back at these posts. This year I have learned the importance of reflecting. In a moment when I feel comparison could eat me up, these posts always make me realise how lucky I have been.  
Cardiff – As I mentioned I spent the four days in Cardiff this week, two days for work then two days catching up with my uni friends some of which I had not seen in 5 years! I realise every time we get together I don’t see enough of them. Staying with Amy and Karl with their little jug ( Jack Russell x pug) is the best. I am spoilt with endless cups of tea and food. I loved being back in the city, taking in how much it always changes, visiting some familiar places and coming across new coffee shops, exploring the winding arcades and independent shops. I, of course, picked up a selection of delicious freshly baked welsh cakes from the little stall in Cardiff market which my Grandma, mum and I enjoyed on Sunday night. 
I’m a celeb – I have never watched I’m a celeb before. I usually find the concept of celebrity shows annoying. However, my team at work were all watching it and I didn’t want to miss out. To my surprise, I am loving it. They have a great bunch in there. Toff is absolutely amazing, I find her so funny and so far some are surprising me. It is much more entertaining than I believed it to be. 
Going down
Slow cooker disaster – I had full intentions of sharing the most delicious tagine recipe this week. A recipe from my granny which I wiped up in the slow cooker on Wednesday. All was well, it cooked a treat, and tasted amazing. I was taking it to my mum’s for dinner with my sisters. I was so proud. We were going to share my lovely cooked meal followed by the home videos, a perfect winter evening.
Then Pip asked me to take Indie with me. Her dog which is a pain in the arse in the car. (Dougal through all his faults will lie silently in the car). Indie, however, is not happy unless she is resting on the steering wheel. I had my reservations about taking Indie and my food but I wanted to be helpful. Five minutes into the journey she had managed to unclip her self. Leaping into the passenger seat, she falls into the footwell and knocked over the ENTIRE of my tagine. A kick to the stomach gutted, to say the least. As someone whose first reaction is to cry, I was pleased when I found myself with my friend Bob who made me laugh about the situation. He also busied himself clearing it up, because he is a superstar. It was only food at the end of the day and least no one started Thursday with food poising. 
This blog – I am sure many of you haven’t noticed the lack of posts recently. If you go back you will see that my weekly roundups are the only posts making it up at the moment. I am struggling to find the time for these as it is. Not only am I struggling for time, I have had no capacity in this mind of mine to think of things to blog about. And we won’t even mention photos. I don’t blog for a living. I don’t have people waiting or relying on fresh new content which I am grateful nonetheless this blog is something I enjoy. I am lucky that I only use this space to make myself feel better. Yet I have to admit I am missing the opportunities and ideas to write. I have missed the thrill of uploading a post. I am hoping my inspiration and want to write will come back soon.
Not having a break – Recently things have felt pretty none stop. I can’t remember the last day off I had, even the weekends are full. I feel EXHAUSTED. On Tuesday when I slept for 11 undisturbed hours I knew things were catching up with me. Luckily next week marks the beginning of my majority of December off work. The last month has highlighted the importance of having a break and recognising how I am feeling. 

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