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I remember looking at the post I wrote for my 2017 goals a few months ago thinking how awful my attempts at reaching them had been. I shrugged my shoulders and laughed it off. I wasn’t concerned. These were goals I had set in January. January when the year was fresh and new. When it seemed possible anything and everything could happen. Whilst I thought ‘ah that would have been nice’, I  wasn’t phased. I have had an incredible year regardless of whether my ambitious at the beginning matched my achievements by December. Yet as I began to recap over my goals more recently I can’t believe how many I achieved. They came together without me taking much notice of them. These were my goals for 2017. 
More Photographs of life and for my blog –  It may not be that obvious to you all. I am sure you are reading this thinking her photos on here are still pretty awful, but to me, they have come on a long way. I have invested in a few props for my makeup photos. I have become more confident with my camera. I have snapped some lasting memories of days out this year, I am also happier now when having my photo taken instead of shying or looking away from anyone trying to take my photo.
New Camera – Unfortunately I never got around to buying my Olympus-Pen. (unless Santa does exist and its dropped kindly into my Santa sack). I would love an Olympus Pen. One day I will get something similar but for now, I am grateful for my (not so) little Canon. It has helped me improve my photos this year. It has been behind all the photos I have taken for Todhpurs. Some of the photos including George which I will cherish forever. I have take it to different cities, on different holidays and I am grateful for every moment it captures. 
Less phone time – This didn’t come together until the end of the year. I began 2017 with the best intentions. Starting with phone free nights but as you can imagine this died a quick death. The latter half of the year though I started to gather a bit more momentum with my running, a good hour of no phone. I put aside time for reading and cooking, leaving my phone behind or popping on a podcast. Activities which made me forget about technology altogether. Reverting back to basics as helped me destress after work.
More Professional Personal development with Career – At the minute work feels rather great. I look forward to leaving the house in the morning. I work in fab team. I have some amazing friends there and this year I have been able to work on some awesome projects. I have also started the yoga sessions with HR which added a whole new dynamic. Todhpurs has been a huge boost in my confidence professionally. I have learned so much already with Todhpurs that has been transferable into my day to day job. I am more confident in myself, my work and what I can achieve. I am happy to approach new people. I know I can handle a lot more than I gave myself credit for. With Todhpurs start-up, performing at work and keeping this little slice of the web going I am rather happy with the direction my career(s) are going.  
To Grow my blog and Instagram – I have put so much into my blog this year. I have had my moments where I have wondered why I do it, what the point of it is? And then I write and I remember. I find writing cathartic. It is a release. Putting things into words helps me make my way through the weeks and months seeing them for how great they are. This year I have grown my blog and Instagram following. I have managed to post a couple of times each week. I upload photos I am proud of without making it into a whole brag fest. I have also taken a step back from posting my whole life on here and Instagram. Saving some elements of my life for me and those close to me. I hope I can continue this in 2018. 
More time with Rooney and Silky – The easiest of them all. I am so lucky to have these two. It is always hard to keep in a routine over the winter. I can only ride at the weekend. To keep them ticking over in the winter it means they need riding both days at the weekend and any holiday I have. I don’t compete anymore, those days are over. I cannot see me competing again. It makes me so anxious but we have done so much this year and I am so proud of myself and them. I am bloody love these boys.
To take Dougal to the seaside – Dougal’s seaside trip turned into a birthday surprise for me which I will cherish. No one had organised a surprise for me before so this was the best birthday. I covered this trip a lot back in June so I will keep it short. My sister arranged for my friends and I, along with all the dogs to visit Brancaster beach in Norfolk. It was everything I wanted for a dog beach trip and more. I definitely will be visiting next year. 
More meditation, Reading and me time– I managed to run with this during the last 6 months. My reading has always been consistent. It goes through peaks and troughs but I am never without a book of sorts. It was my meditation which was lacking. At the beginning of the year I set a goal to meditate more. I don’t know why? It took a while to sort out but now work yoga has started there is a good mixture of meditation and yoga which I have loved. I am now an owner of a yoga mat which has made meditation a lot easier to practice at home when I need some time out. 
More time with friends – I have thrown myself into this, although I am sure some friends would disagree. Through all my faults I would say I am a good friend. I 100% have my flaws. I know I am not perfect. I say the wrong thing, make the wrong choices from time to time but I do care with every inch of me about the friends I have. This year I have tried to say yes to as many days/ evenings out and occasions as time and money will permit. And it has been incredible. I have seen new places. I met new people. I enjoyed lazy afternoons eating yummy food. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I made amends with people I wasn’t seeing enough of. If anything was a success this year it was how much I tried to see the people I care about. 
More sights – I am confident enough to say I got some sights in this year. Ok so I wasn’t travelling around the world or even Europe but I still feel I made the most of my time when visiting places. I visited Newcastle, Oxford, Prague, Chester, London (a lot), Birmingham, Cardiff, Cirencester, Portugal. I saw London from the Sky at the top of both the Shard and the Walkie Talkie building. I visited various National Trust sites and planned many local days out. It may not have been the most glamorous of travelling but there are so many amazing places on my door step. It would have been a waste not to utilise my trips whilst holidays were not on the agenda.
More spontaneity or out of comfort zone plans – Jade and spontaneous are the polar opposite of each other. There are no two words that repel each other like these do. Other than perhaps Jade and approachable, or Jade and ‘always answers her phone when I ring’. I am a planner, I have always been a planner. So this year I tried to step out of my comfort zone to be more open to the idea of saying yes. To give me my due I haven’t been bad. Sometimes it led to reckless decisions but it always worked out. Being spontaneous, not over thinking led me to book my brace fitting. It allowed me to go ahead and say yes to my new kitchen. I allowed two people to book surprises for me without quizzing them to the end of the earth. It enabled me to say I’m 100% in when my friend messaged to ask if we wanted to go to Dublin for 12 hours because Ryanair were selling £10 returns. In all it taught me that spontaneity and being open minded is less stressful than planning. People, like you more because you are open to ideas and amazing things can come from it. 
Fitness routine – My gym routine has gone out of the window. It is something I am hoping to get back into now the nights are dark. I would like to get back into my morning spin classes. This year hasn’t been all bad at least. I have started running, I am still not great but I am doing ok with the 5Ks. This time last year if someone had told me I would go on a 5K run and enjoy it I would have laughed at them. I have also added weekly yoga into my routine and packing in so much walking each day. 
More memories – With friends and family like mine new memories were a given. I am not one to sit around and wait for opportunities to come to me. I will usually say yes to most days out (as long as there is plenty of notice). Anything that gets me outside and usually away from my town for a little bit. 
And those guys were my goals for 2017, didn’t do a bad job eh? 

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