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Doesn’t it feel as though everything is lighter and easier when life slows down just a little? This week has been the most productive for a long time, I finally no longer feel bogged down with work. I am looking forward to my time off over the next few weeks, starting from tomorrow. I am finally allowing myself to feel more festive, feasting on my favourite mince pies, mulled wine and of course excessive amounts of chocolate. This is my weekly round-up.
No such thing as a fish Live – This year both of my sisters have taken me on surprise trips out and I feel incredibly lucky. As someone who organises everyone, I loved for the first time having others do the planning for me. On Wednesday my older sister treated me to tickets to see No such thing as a fish podcast live. For anyone who I have read my podcast posts, you will have noticed I have been a fan of this show for a while. It meant so much to me, not only because I love the show but it was also a night Hannah and me. It was a great show which they will upload onto their stream so have a look out for it in a couple of weeks.
Afternoon off to go riding – On Wednesday I booked the afternoon to take Rooney out schooling with one of my friends. My riding has been so disrupted of late with work, visiting friends, rugby and festive plans. I was looking forward to some much needed time with the horses. I made my way over to the farm and spent a good few hours (despite the cold weather) with all the animals. I fed them too many carrots, took lots of photos and spoilt them with cuddles, mainly to keep me warm. I can’t say it was the most productive riding session I have had. Rooney was spooking at just about everything but it was lovely nonetheless. I finally felt able to switch off from work and enjoy some time at the farm.
Putting some Christmas decorations out– I am waiting for my Christmas tree to arrive. However, without the tree, the living room is looking rather empty. So this week I have begun to put out a few decorations. I  have had a few festive candles burning and watched Christmas movies. I know to some it was a little soon but I like to make this festive feeling last as long as I can. It seems silly not to make the most of it.
Christmas party with the dream team – Friday night we were treated to tickets to the Christmas parties at Winstanley House hotel in Leicester by my Mum. The girls who I work with (smiler a forever honourary member of the team) had already booked that night in our dairy when we were offered the tickets, with no plans we decided a three-course meal at my favourite venue in Leicester would be an ideal opportunity to catch up and enjoy some delicious festive food. I have been so fortunate to work alongside these two girls for the last four years, they really are a dream. My first Turkey Christmas meal followed by Christmas pud did not disappoint. 
An afternoon out in Birmingham – Our friend Niece did a superb effort of arranging cocktails and catch-ups in Birmingham yesterday. We made the short journey over by the train and wandered over to the alchemist for cocktails. The alchemist along with the Botanist is my favourite place for cocktails in the city. I opted for the light bulb, with gin and ginger beer it was a sure winner and it was one of their cocktails which smoked, a novelty which was well worth the extra money. Fliss made the journey up from London to meet us, and despite the grey and dank weather, the crowds of shoppers as I have never seen before we had the loveliest of afternoons, I didn’t want to leave Birmingham at all, it is turning into a diverse city, with so much to offer.
Going down
Boiler breaking. – On Thursday night, the coldest night of the year, the night it actually snowed my boiler decided to break. I don’t know how I managed to stay with no heating but the house retained heat quite well. Thankfully my hot water does not come from the boiler but why do these things happen at the most inconvenient of times? The boiler is rather archaic, I am certain it was the original boiler fitted in the 60s so I need to face facts a new one will be needed soon. I am beginning to see the appeal in new build houses after all.  
Life admin – Doesn’t it feel life admin always comes at once? For someone who strives themselves on being organised, I am awful at it. This year I had a remortgage to get my head around, along with renewals of so many different policies. Who needs this amount of admin? Followed byh my bank not sending me a new debit card in time to replace my expired and gosh, literally mind-boggling trying to remember it all. I definitely need an app which manages this all for me.
The December rush – I am first to hold my hands up and admit I love Christmas. I do believe it is the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone becomes a bit more festive, you indulge more, you generally let yourself be jolly. The only gripe I have is how bloody exhausted I feel three days into December. I feel as though my time is being pulled from left to right. I struggle to please everyone, turn down an invitation to avoid double booking. I am grateful how many social occasions I squeeze in but I am looking forward to a very lazy, quiet January… too soon?
(Hat and snood from Ted and Bessie

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