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As we are counting down to Christmas, only two more Mondays at work this year (I hear you) I have decided my round-up posts are only to feature the positives because no one needs any moaning before the Christmas period. However, on a side note, can people move their birthdays out of December? Five birthdays this month on top of Christmas presents makes it an expensive month! Despite looking after my 3-year-old nephew for the majority of the week (kudos to parents its a bloody hard juggle) I still managed to fit so much in and I am feeling pretty chilled on the run-up to Christmas, maybe too chilled?

Nephew duties – My older sister is away in the Maldives. I know [insert eye roll]. So I offered to have my nephew for a few days. I have been staying at her house with him which has been nice, sometimes there is nothing better than a change of surroundings even if it comes with a whiny, demanding near three years old. I have tried to pack the week for fun things for him. On Monday we went to Sea life in Birmingham with some other members of the family. The other days were spent at the farm watching Christmas movies and riding pixie. I loved a good 90% of it, he is quite the entertainer these days, or so he thinks. He has been handed back to his Dad until I have him again next week. Thank god. I love the little lunatic but my goodness, I can see why people have nannys. 

Bridesmaids party- Party because duties made it sound too much of a chore. On Thursday I met up with my wonderful friend Catherine who I am a bridesmaid for, for my first bridesmaid occasion. We went to look for dresses for her big day and bridesmaids dresses, stopped at the Globe for a bit of lunch in the most festive pub. I had such a lovely day, I cannot wait for 2018 to watch some of my favourite people tie the knot. 

Riding – Having time off work has given me time to ride my crazy horse. For anyone who knows Rooney, he is not crazy in the slightest but at the moment because of the lack of evenings to ride he is feeling pretty fresh. On Tuesday I managed to take him out and he was bouncing down the road spooking at just about everything. Even though my legs felt like jelly after and it was definitely not the most productive of rides it was still nice to squeeze some extra horse time in this week. 

Carol service – On Friday I took the afternoon off work to attend my nephews Carol service at the local church. It was packed out with other children from his nursery doing a very short rendition of the classic nativity, it was utterly adorable other than my nephew refused to go on stage to sing his snowman song but then was happy to sing it to me after as he shovelled two mince pies into his mouth. The children, being so small, did an absolutely endearing production, it melted my heart and made me feel so Christmasy. 

Birthday celebrations – December is a busy month for birthdays for me. This week it was two of my favourites birthdays and I was so lucky to celebrate with both of them. I think it is so important to celebrate them away from Christmas. Make it all about them because it is, so big happy birthdays girls!

All the mince pies – need I say more? At work each year we have a mince pie tasting. I make out we are trying to find the best mince pies but each supermarket has so many it is just a good excuse to eat as many different mince pies as I can. Nonetheless, I love it, I think the team appreciate it too. 

Writing Christmas cards – I will always enjoy Christmas cards. It is a tradition which has not changed. An aspect of Christmas which could have changed but has still remained the same. I always buy the charity cards from Paperchase. I like to choose my cards based on the charities and they always have a beautiful selection.

Christmas tree and decorations – After weeks of deliberating whether or not to buy a tree I decided I would. I was unsure, I like a real tree but it is the money they cost. I am by no means a scrouge by my head is everywhere else but home at the moment and I have so many evenings and weekends out I didn’t know if I was actually going to get my money worth. However, no one likes a scrouge so I settled for a 4-foot tree even though not picking the biggest and best tree is traditional I did not want to break. I love having the house filled with festivities, I am going to make sure I have some cosy Christmas sofa nights to enjoy the pretty decorations. 

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