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This has been one of those weeks where I look back and scarcely believe I have managed to fit everything into 7 days. Filled with so many highs. That is if we take out driving home Sunday morning in the snow. A 15-minute journey which took well over an hour, a Nissan almost snow drifting into the back of my car, and so much snow. Then a sickness bug which hit me mid-day whilst I was in Dublin. My Sister also suffered with the same bug too. Leaving me living off a diet of dried biscuits in bed for the remainder of the week. Top off with me travelling home whilst feeling the worst I have felt in a long time. Of course, asking my mummy to pick me up from the airport. (is there ever an age you reach where you don’t want your mum when you are poorly)? Despite all mentioned above this has been an amazing week. This is my weekly Round up of positives.
Snow day – After long snowy walks with the family Sunday, and helping Mum with the animals Sunday night. Work called to say they would not be opening the office on Monday. I had booked the week before off work along with the following Tuesday and Wednesday so the snow day was a welcomed extension of my holiday.
Dublin – Wednesday, some of my favourite girls and I, got up before the crack of dawn to head to Dublin to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. We landed at 07:30 greeted to a very rainy morning so hopped on the bus to find breakfast. It wasn’t long before the sun was shining and we had bagged ourselves a beautiful winters day in Dublin. This was my first visit to Dublin, I still cannot get over how beautiful this city is. All was going well until 11 am when I started to feel unwell. We made our way to Temple bar, I thought one glass of water then I would be fine. Within a short amount of time, I realised no water, or snacks was going to make me feel better. I felt truly horrendous. I then continued to be ill for the rest of the afternoon, the airport and flight home. It was horrific but despite being sick throughout the afternoon I felt as though we still managed to have an incredible day. Catching up a lot with Sarah before she headed home. I only hope me feeling sorry for myself didn’t ruin the girls day. 16k steps, 3:30 wake up and being sick all day left me feeling exhausted. Dublin however I loved, I can’t wait to go back. 
Serial – If anything good came from my day cooped up in bed it was devouring the podcast series Serial. I had heard snippets about this podcast but not given it anytime but my gosh it is so addictive. From episode one, I was hooked. I recommend if you are looking for a new podcast to listen to. 
Breakfast with Santa – On Tuesday I took my nephew along with my Mum, Cousin, cousin’s little girl and my Grandma for Breakfast with Santa at Palmers garden centre in Leicester. Seeing my Nephew’s face when Santa walked in and meeting the reindeers have made Christmas feel so real again this year. Christmas through the eyes of a small child is so magical. He left with the biggest smile, a present from Santa, a new present of course from my Mum. It was well worth taking the day off work for and listening to other peoples kids scream and sit too close to me.
London – Yesterday half of my family and I made our way to London, slower than expected thanks to Virgin’s awful trains. For the last 6 years, we have always had a family day out in London together the last Saturday (ish) before Christmas. What was once an emergency shopping trip has now turned into a day of indulgence, treats and time together before the real festivities start. This year was the first year my nephew George joined. He was so excited to be on the train, heading to London, ‘to see the Queen’ as he kept telling people. We took him to Toyland in Harrods and then on to Hamleys. Both of which he behaved so well in before my older sister and George headed home. Leaving Dad, Pip and I to enjoy some drinks and make our way over to Chiltern Fire House for dinner.
This was the first real meal I had eaten since Tuesday and my gosh it was incredible. I had read some reviews stating Chiltern Fire House was snobby and only cared about who you were. Thankfully this could not be further from the truth. All the employees working there went above and beyond. They were attentive and friendly and the food was amazing. I would 100% recommend if you are looking for a treat in London. It’s another restaurant ticked off our list. 

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