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It’s Christmas Eveeeeeee, can you believe it? Arguably the best day of Christmas, along with boxing day. As a child Christmas eve was the most exciting day of the year. I was always so giddy, full of excitement and anticipation for the big day. Over the years as I have grown older I feel this has shifted slightly towards boxing day. The massive sigh everyone gives on boxing day, the enormous weight of ensuring everything goes smoothly on Christmas day has been lifted. The presents and whether everyone will like them have gone and it is finally time to sit back and eat all the leftover food which tastes so much better the next day. It is also the first time I am not travelling to four different houses so I can enjoy a drink. 

Work has been packed with festivities this week, being surrounded by chocolates and mince pies all week had me so excited for Christmas and is there anything better than putting your out of office on for ten days and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as you leave the office?

Finishing my Christmas shopping – On Tuesday I finally finished my Christmas shopping. My sister and I made our way over to the retail park in Leicester to get the last bits. I excelled myself on organisation front, writing a list of the people I needed to buy for and an idea of what to get them. Marks and Spencers were fantastic with their pre-Christmas sale. I managed to pick up some more Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Three and half hours later we were on our way home with all my gifts in tow. I got home, put Love Actually on, (shout out to Netflix for making everyone’s Christmas) and got wrapping. After four birthdays and Christmas in December, it is safe to say I am looking forward to a quiet January. 

Packed out week with friends – One of my favourite things about Christmas is how social we all become. This week I have spent evenings with friends just about every day. In a bit of a pre-Christmas panic that we won’t see each other before the big day. God forbid. I have had a cosy night in at mine with festive food, drinks with others and a big old get together with Friends on Saturday. I don’t know what it is about the festive period, everyone seems a little more relaxed. Once the shopping is out the way no one was rushing off. No one is trying to eat healthily or staying away from alcohol. Seeing so many of my friends has confirmed just how lucky I have been this year.

The Sales are starting – I don’t know if this is good or not but I love all the sales which have started. Kikki K has got all my absolute favourites on 50% off. I would have appreciated if they had started a little bit earlier but my post-Christmas list is growing longer by the day.

Social meals with work pals – I packed my December week at work out with a lot of festive plans with work pals. I went for dinner on Monday night, we had Christmas carols on Wednesday. Rounded up our mince pie tasting competition and went out for a big festive lunch with a whole group of us on Friday before being allowed to leave early. I well and truly wound down for Christmas this year. 

Peaky Blinders – this week the last episode of Peaky Blinders aired. I have loved this series from start to finish so whilst I was eager to watch another episode I cannot believe the series is already over. This series has been my favourite by far. Each episode has had me in waves of emotions, you cannot predict the plot at all it is bloody brilliant. If you need a series to catch up on over the Holidays make it this one. 

Christmas eve Tigers match – Today is the last tigers match at home in 2018 so rightly so Dad and I are layering up to go watch. Kick off isn’t until 3:30 but I am going to wear my Christmas jumper and treat myself to my favourite match day chips. I have never been to a rugby match on Christmas eve, my usual tradition is going to watch the Hunt and making my way from pub to pub, seeing my friends before trying to get into bed before midnight (old habits). I am excited to add something new to Christmas. Fingers crossed we win. 


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