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December has consisted of this never-ending cold! How is it possible to spend over half of the month with several different bugs? I would like the feel back to my old self now. Despite not feeling my usual self having all this time off over Christmas has done me the world of good. I have had enough time on the sofa under a duvet to last a lifetime. I decided to spend time with myself watching my favourite tv instead of going out and its really giving me the motivation to get back into the gym and just eat a little better. I am not going to start a whole New Year detox but I am looking forward to a few more fruits and vegetables in my diet. 

White Christmas – how dreamy was it actually having a white Christmas? Looking out to snowy rooftops and blues skies have made me so festive. Making myself comfy in mum’s Kitchen with the fire roaring whilst picking at leftover Christmas food has been what films are made of. I for one am rather pleased it came after Christmas and boxing day as I have had so many houses to make my way around. 

All the alarmless mornings – Despite feeling ill throughout the majority of December, having over a week of no alarms has been absolute bliss. It has probably been the tamest of Christmas periods for me. I have not wanted to drink any alcohol and I have had many an early night. I am hoping this time off has given me the chance to catch up with myself. 

Time with the family– My favourite part of Christmas is everyone having time off work together. Board games, laughter, food, tv, long walks. Spending so much time together you begin to argue over anything and crave your own space. 

Planning my kitchen- As January approaches I begin to wonder why on earth I agreed for the kitchen to be fitted in the hardest, and expensive month of the year. Yet a part of it is easing the Christmas blues and keeping my mind on something else. Whilst I have really begun to love this peculiar house of mine I know I am not going to be here forever. I don’t know how long so I am trying to be less emotional with my purchases. If it can’t move with me I have looked for more affordable alternatives. If it can go with me its been bought because I have no willpower. I just hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

Horse and Pony Monopoly – Monopoly was banned in our house a long time ago. I am not proud to admit it was solely due to the fact I was a brat and I am still terrible at losing so I would not play unless I could start the game with hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair. However, this year my Mum surprised us with Horse and Pony Monopoly and I absolutely loved it. My sister, Mum and I played it Christmas eve and I was crying with laughter for hours. I already can’t wait for another night at hers to play it again.

BBC Little Women – Christmas is arguably the best time for tv. So many of our family favourites are aired through the festive period. I was excited to see BBC had their own adaption of little women starting on boxing day. I loved the booked, the orignal adaption but I love a BBC remake. On Boxing day I watched the first episode with my Mum and Grandma and continued with the other episodes and loved it. The story never tires, it has so many important lessons. Growing up with two sisters I can relate to so much of it. It is still on BBC Iplayer so catch up on it whilst you can. 


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