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My first plan for 2018 is sorting out the kitchen. It is the one room I dislike the most. The house as mentioned many times before is peculiar. Not in a cute Victorian way, in the 1960s ‘why on earth were people allowed to design houses then’ way. The Kitchen is the first room you walk into from the driveway (I know the confusion continues) so I want to ensure good first impressions for potential buyers when we come to sell the house.

Space wise the house is rather generous (for the type of property it is). The kitchen has a lot of worktop space and storage at the moment which I am keen not to lose. However, I would like to open it up a little more and try to make it airier. Eventually, I want to widen the doorway into the utility room to make a larger kitchen but that will have to wait until the budget can stretch to hire a builder.

The plan is a whole new kitchen. The washing machine (if possible) will move from the kitchen into the utility. The fridge will be built in. The oven will be replaced and moved to sit under the hob as currently, they are at either end of the kitchen and I will finally after two years of washing up, have a dishwasher.

The tall cupboard which is home to the oven and microwave at the moment will be removed, hopefully making the whole area lighter.

 A new floor will be fitted throughout the whole of the downstairs so it all flows through nicely. The flooring we have down now is aged, grubby tiles and some faux pine ( I know) laminate floor in the lounge and dining room. I have picked a light oak flooring from Wickes which should hopefully brighten the space up.

I am hoping to use cream subway tiles as the cupboards will be a light grey but I am going to wait until the kitchen is in to see which look best.

The worktop is oak, (I know they are not the easiest to look after) but I was rather set on the idea of a Belfast sink. I have been careful with the purchases. I know this is not my forever home. I don’t want to be too emotionally invested in my choices, especially if they cannot move with me. For this reason, I chose oak over marble worktop, as you cannot have a laminate worktop with a Belfast sink. I was also concerned about burning, or melting a laminate worktop and ruining the look.

I am swapping the old radiator out, which has no faults other than being old. I wanted a small cast iron radiator in grey to go in its place but the space is too small so instead, I have bought this little dream from Soak. ( I never thought I would reach a stage where I would end up on page 4 of Google looking for a radiator which doesn’t exist) But I am happy with this as a substitute.

Lee the Carpenter who is building and fitting the kitchen has sourced the oven, hob and dishwasher for me, which was a massive weight off my mind. Leaving me with just the flooring, sink, tiles, lights, sockets, door and radiator. For the door into the lounge, I am going to order this one from Wickes. It matches the doors we had fitted upstairs. I just need to decide whether to varnish it up or have it painted?

The light fixture I got from Lamp and Light but I got three lights instead of two, however, I think it has since sold out. I didn’t want spotlights because they are a pain to change but the sunsets behind our house, so the kitchen becomes dark early on so more than just one light bulb, is needed. I love copper and bronze so I didn’t need much convincing to buy this.

The walls are going to be fully re-plastered and the ceiling is going to be re-boarded and plastered (only now is it sinking in the level of work we are having done) I think for now I will paint the walls white to keep it simple and then add more colour when I can make a decision.

I will keep you posted on the progress/ my mental state as the weeks go on. I have been using my kitchen board Pinterest here as inspiration. For anyone taking on a little project such as this, I would recommend setting up a similar board it can really help you visualise what is going into the space.

I have also been collecting a few new things to go into the kitchen once it is complete so I will upload a mini kitchen haul once it is all done.

Keeping my fingers crossed it will go well, I will upload some before and after photos if I can after it is all done. 


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