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I haven’t uploaded a media round-up in a while. I can only apologise there is no structure or routine to when these posts are uploaded. These posts soley rely on my diary and how much me time I get away from work. As you can imagine or see below over the Christmas break I have managed to indulge in more than just food and sleep and have managed to rattle through an alarming amount a bit of TV and reading. These are my favourites of late: 


Serial – I have mentioned serial earlier in a post but I thought it deserved another shout out as it kept me company the day I was too poorly to get out of bed and it is so addictive. Listen if you loved making a murderer but want something even more gripping and something you can listen to in the car.

S Town – S Town Aka Shit town, is produced by the same great minds behind serial. At first, I wasn’t too sure where it was going to go. Without giving too much away there was a massive plot twist and it suddenly it became interesting. I have loved this series as much as serial. They are both very similar but worth listening to. 


Good me bad me – I picked up this book over Christmas. After reading some heavy material for work I wanted something easy to get stuck into. Although no lighter in content, the storyline is still pretty full on it is so addictive. A real page turner I always look forward to reading. I will be uploading a new book stack soon so I will include more then.


McMafia – McMafia arrived on our screens on BBC New Years Day. Written by the creator of Luther I knew it was likely that this series was not going to disappoint and the first episode proved so. Alex Godman is English raised, the son of ex Russian Mafia. He has spent his life trying to escape the past of the family. Leading a normal life with his girlfriend. I won’t say any more in case you have not watched the first episode but it is gripping tv and if nothing else James Norton is an absolute dream to look at.  

Little Women – BBCs adaption of little women had a mention in my weekly round up last week, I thought I would mention it again because I loved it. There are so many important lessons and stories in Little Women I feel we should all watch it. You can still catch up on it on BBC Iplayer and I really recommend you do. 

Black Mirror – I was late to the black mirror party, I only began watching it on Netflix at the end of last year but became instantly hooked on most of the episodes. I was pleased to see the new series had been uploaded to Netflix over Christmas. Whilst they are still very easy to binge on I have so far found this series a bit unimaginative. Don’t shoot me yet, I am only a five episodes in but nothing has stuck out as it did previously. I have found some of the themes a little repetitive from the previous series and think it was definitely better when it wasn’t bought by America.  HOWEVER it is still highly addictive and worth a watch during the grey January nights. 

Peaky Blinders – Just a little reminder to catch series 4 of peaky blinders on BBC before it’s too late. You will thank me for it. 

BBC didn’t sponsor this post, I just seem to be enjoying everything on there at the moment. 


Emma Gannon – Emma wrote this helpful little piece on money and finances for the New Year. Anyone looking for a bit of saving motivation for 2018 or how to be a little more open and honest with your money and how much life seems to cost, have a read. 


I have watched a few films over the festive period, mainly Muppets Christmas Carol, Arther Christmas and Harry Potter 100 times over.  I am sure we are all a little tired of them now. Although I have not yet seen them, these are the two films I am desperate to see in the cinema. Both have had glowing reviews. It is no surprise I love a period drama or film and I love Winston Churchill’s way with words so I have wanted to see the Darkest Hour since it hit the screens in November but with Christmas approaching it was hard to fit in. The second is The greatest showman. This is a musical which I become obsessed with. The soundtrack has been an Instagram sensation which I really feel as though I am missing out on. Has anyone else seen these?


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