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Happy New Year! It is 2018, I can hardly believe it. I am not sure how I feel about entering my 28th Year. I am not sure if I expected life to be like this or not but all I can say is I am feeling pretty content at the moment. As the years go on I can feel myself being truly happy for people in situations which I thought would make me unhappy which I think is a testament to growing up and accepting life for what it is. I was beyond fortunate in 2017 and can only hope 2018 follows in its footsteps. My friend Fliss on our Nye night out told us ‘you do you’ and through all the laughter and the jokes we had that night, it stuck with me. If I carry anything through 2018, it will be that. Whilst I love doing things and being there for others I am going to start doing things for me. I am going to worry less about what people think of my choices because they are made to make me happy. I have held back for years worrying about other peoples opinions and how I am perceived. Life is just that bit too short, so here is a year of making choices to make me happier (in a non-selfish way, of course, I am still human). Less of the philosophical shit, This is my first weekly roundup of 2018.

Going up 

New Year – I love the New Year. I know everyone seems to grumble about January. It always feels a little grey and miserable. However, I love the motivation and optimism everyone has for the new year. A fresh start. We have indulged to our heart’s content, spent time with family, rested and start the year feeling somewhat more relaxed than we ended it on. This year the girls and I had a night out on the 30th which we classed as our New Years Eve. My love for NYE has faded over the years. It is now so expensive, there is pressure to get it right, to look as though we are having the best time and I am always left feeling as though I am missing out either being with my family or friends. So this year we had our early NYE which was so much fun and a crazy amount cheaper and then I had a chilled night NYE at home with favourite snacks, pizza, chocolates etc. It was nice ringing in the year not feeling as though I had disappointed someone by going to this or that party and I woke up New years day feeling refreshed, excited to take the horses out. I definitely think it might be the way forward.  

Google home mini – I had not taken much notice of the home systems Google and Amazon have been advertising of late until my Dad bought one back in December. In the course of a month my Dad, sister and Mum now have one in their homes and I am seriously jealous. As someone who loves to be organised, writing lists and have answers at my fingertips, the mini home system is amazing. I am considering buying one especially as you can connect up to your Spotify and use it as a speaker. At £45 these are much more affordable than a Sonos so would make a nice addition to the kitchen when it’s finished. The google assistants are the only home devices with Artificial intelligence, instead of encouraging you to shop. This means it can learn and develop what you want from it the more you use it (there is a more technical way to word this but you get what I mean). 

Little changes to my January Mornings –  I haven’t set New Year Goals and resolutions this year which I know I have harped on about too much already. However, I have tried to make tiny little changes to my routine for just January to keep me focused and feeling the best. I mean they are so basic it’s probably worth not reading them but they are; to include at least one of my five a day in breakfast– bye bye honey toast, two to no longer watch TV especially BBC breakfast before work because it makes me gloomy, three to read at least a chapter of a book before I leave the house and finally do something non work-related before I leave to slave away for someone else for 7 hours. So far I have stuck to it every day (I know it has only been a week) but I have noticed to changes in my positivity and I whizzed through my first book of 2018.

Going Down

January spending – January is a hard month when you are trying to rein in spending. I realised when I was back at work I actually miss hitting that confirm purchase button and hassling my mum hourly to see how many parcels I have waiting for me at her office. December is a month of spending on others, on yourself, its just picking pretty things. So when January rolls around, you are waiting an additional week until payday, you are on a diet and you are telling yourself DON’T LOOK AT WEBSITES it is a rather grim month. I have failed miserably at no spend January and I for one do not care I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to parcels every day for Jade anyway.

Fitbit challenges – My two sisters both received fitbits for Christmas so I instantly invited the idea of us all doing a Fitbit challenge. I am not fully against these they do have so many benefits. I think the positives out way the negatives, however, one week in I have found myself back to pacing around the house up and down the stair. Offering to take the post downstairs at work, making as many rounds of tea as I can. Dougal has been on so many walks he thinks Christmas and Birthdays have all come at once. Whilst they have got me moving a lot more the challenge and the need to win takes over my life completely. 




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