Braces at 27 update #5

My aim when I had my braces fitted was to update you all regularly but I soon realised ‘you can’t see that much change and they ache’ is not gripping content. I also didn’t want to discourage or dishearten anyone about to have braces fitted or thinking about them because there is not one part of me which regrets having them fitted.

However, I thought I would give you a little insight into how things are going. The finish line is firmly in sight. It is difficult as I can often be a little bit too picky about tiny details, relating to everything not just my teeth. I want everything I set out to do to be perfect, as unrealistic as that is. I want my teeth to look as good as they can but I need to remember no orthodontist is a miracle worker and I am not going to have a Hollywood smile unless I have all my teeth removed and have veneers, which is not what I want. My teeth have changed more than I can ever have imagined they would have. Over the next month or so between me and my orthodontist we will be deciding what is left to change and a date for when they can come off.

My braces have been on for 8 months now. The duration was predicted to be between 6-9 months, I allocated a couple of extra months on top as there are some things out of our control which can naturally slow things down. I had to reschedule an appointment at the end of November.  The date of the new appointment came around and I had a sickness bug so by the time I saw Lana again I had missed a whole month. In that time I would have had two tightening appointments which have obviously delayed us slightly.

In the summer Lana did mention them finishing in time for Christmas but I was cautious of putting an end date on them. I want to ensure I am happy with the end result I don’t want to rush them so  I wasn’t concerned when in October she said it was more likely to be the New year. There is no rush.

So far my bottom teeth are done. I have them ‘laced’ together to keep them in place until my top teeth are finished.

During my last appointment, Lana moved the bracket from one of my front teeth and repositioned it further in to stop my tooth turning in. Whilst I understood this was only done to make my teeth look better the pain removing my bracket wasn’t pleasant at all (I am now a little apprehensive of them being removed as the fitting was really not too bad). The front two brackets are also now not evenly spaced apart which doesn’t do much for the OCD in me but I did notice quite quickly it straitening the front tooth out.

I am hoping my next update will be to let you know my braces have been removed, so keep your fingers crossed. If anyone reading has just started your brace journey or is thinking of having them fitted please feel free to ask questions. The progress is so fast and the results are so pleasing. It was the best decision I made in 2017.


(From Left to right) My teeth pre braces, During brace, and most recent

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