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I cannot believe how fast this week went. I thought living in kitchen chaos would make the week drag on, whilst it hasn’t been the easiest, my want to clean the house is sky high, there is dust EVERYWHERE. It really hasn’t dragged at all. I was treated to cooked meals all throughout the week and the wait will be worth it. The kitchen already looks so much better, to be, honest it looked better the moment it was ripped out. This is my weekly round-up. 

Going up 

January Bottomless Brunch – My lovely, and often mentioned friend Fliss had her birthday on Saturday. In a bid for it not to be another forgotten day whereby we all sit at home doing ‘dry January’ and saving money, she booked a big shared gathering with a friend for Bottomless Brunch. Within 30 seconds of the invite coming through on my phone I had said I would be there. I don’t need to be asked twice to go for brunch and big brunch plans were exactly what we needed to spruce this January up. My sister and I made our way down to London at the crack of dawn yesterday (because £6 train ticket there seemed like a good idea at the time) to join the celebrations. The day was packed with so much laughter, smashed avocado and of course non stop prosecco. There would be no January blues if all Saturdays could be spent this way. 

Parcels – As I mentioned last week, I was not ready to say goodbye to parcels waiting for me when I got home from work. To ease myself into the new year I have been a little bit too spendy this January. I have however received some of the nicest gifts to myself, I finally got myself some Glossier milky jelly cleanse, (if you want to do your skin a massive favour get yourself some), I am addicted. I now understand the Glossier craze. I picked some new jars up from Next to go in the kitchen when it’s finished, a new coat from Esprit and a box of goodies from Kikki K (blog will follow next week).

New Year Yoga – I was thrilled when at the end of the year, HR informed me they were going to continue to provide us with free yoga sessions at lunchtime. I absolutely loved the sessions before Christmas and couldn’t wait to get stuck back into the new course. After my evening of shit on Tuesday (see below) chaos at home with the kitchen (it really is a lot harder to live without than I thought) a quiet lunchtime yoga session was exactly what I needed. I am going to make more effort to carry on my exercises at home once a week outside the class because it is amazing how much better I feel after a class. 

Going down

Finding new jeans – I have only bought leigh jeans from Topshop ever since a girl I worked with pointed me in their direction 6 years back after hearing my jean woes. I have never had a bad pair, I have bought them in many shades and always loved the fit. My only gripe or gripes are that the black colour fades or they stretch or break. No pair has lasted long. My blue ones literally fell apart one rip at a time. Usually, I don’t mind as they get a lot of wear. At £40 however compared to other high street brands selling the same for a fraction of the cost, it doesn’t sit well. I ordered the ASOS Ridley jeans. Whilst they were better value for money and insanely comfy the sizing just was completely out. I have sent them back for an exchange but if anyone knows any good leigh alternatives send them my way.

Feeling crummy because of little F*** ups –  Tuesday night was one of those nights where things started out ok and then unravelled like a ball of wool faster than you can say ‘ha what a shit night’. They were only minor issues but they left me feeling as though I was such a shit friend, sister, daughter, all-around shit human. I had managed to double book one of the biggest things this year with something else after writing the wrong date in my diary, This never happens. Not only am I missing out I also feel so shit for letting someone down, it is not in my nature at all. After sorting that out and making arrangements to make up for my missing appearance and shouting at my Mum because she was the nearest person to take my own fuck-ups out on. I managed to shrink my sisters new jumper (after I told her I’d wash it so it didn’t get ruined) Dougal then jumped into the biggest pool of mud when I was trying to catch up on my Fitbit challenge and I wrote a bumbling rant about my first world problems to my friends on whats app sounding like the most melodramatic person on the planet. I went home with clothes coved in jumper fluff hoping Wednesday would be a little more positive. Reading back they are so insignificant but disappointing or letting people down, snapping at people who are only trying to help really doesn’t make for a happy evening.

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