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After trying to stay optimistic through January, prove to myself, and perhaps others January is the same as any month. In fact, it could be a great month, my bid to change minds is over. I cannot do it. This month has thrown endless hurdles at me. My stubbornness to be independent left me freezing at home eating microwaved meals because I had absolutely no heating and the oven etc is not yet connected up. Thankfully after hearing my boiler was condemned due to a carbon monoxide leak I packed my bags and moved to my Mum’s for a few days whilst I wait for the shiny new boiler. I know, real first world problems when you are having issues with your new kitchen and boiler but this was money I was looking forward on spending on a big trip this year but I guess we can’t have everything and I am incredibly lucky I did not poison myself, whilst shivering under my duvet at home. Alas, it hasn’t been all bad. I am snug at my mums now, back in my old room which now has its own kettle and tea making services so I don’t have to walk to the kitchen and this week has been filled with some pretty good things. 

Going up 

Nephew’s Birthday – Thursday marked my nephew’s 3rd birthday. I am always grateful I am able to see so much of him even if he can be a terror of a little boy. I can’t believe how much he has grown up. I always imagined three-year-olds to be toddlers but he can out smarten and out-negotiate me most days. It was lovely seeing him on Thursday. I have had such a stressful week between house sorting and arranging everything for one of my events next week and all day training sessions, as soon as I arrived at my sister’s on Thursday I instantly felt in a better mood. His excitement was infectious. It was beyond cute seeing him so happy. He is having a birthday party today, which I am excited for before I need to zip down to London for a couple of days for work. I cannot wait to see his little face when he realises he has balloons, bouncy castle and his friends. 

Vitality membership rewards – I have been a member with vitality for my life insurance for over three years now. Whilst many of my family commented I was paying quite a bit I continued with them. Yes, they are a little more but the cover is really extensive and the rewards and incentives are really good. I love their ethos in encouraging their members to become fitter and healthier. Apart from the 75% discount on Champney’s week breaks (yep just let that one sink in), I found out this week I also received a £50 cashback reward for reaching my silver membership. I reached this by hitting my fitness goals. Achievable goals such as walking my daily steps and being as healthy as I can be. Each day you are awarded points if you hit these and they all begin to add up. You can imagine how happy I was waking up on Tuesday morning at the end of January to find out an extra £50 had been transferred to my bank.

Family lunch – Yesterday I travelled down to Oxford for our Post Christmas gathering with the London side of the family. We have been holding these gatherings for over 15 years now and I always really look forward to them. It is often the only time in the year we all get together so I always look forward to catching up and seeing how everyone is getting on. We met in a village just outside Oxford for a delicious pub lunch and catch up. Sometimes a lazy Saturday afternoon in a pub with some yummy food and family is all you need after a bad week. 


Going down

Courier Hell – I am not going to dwell on these too much. As I write this my mood has finally settled and I am feeling rather chuffed so I don’t want to be angry with the incompetence of companies who are actually paid to do such an awful job, from DX smashing a Belfast sink and not thinking it was an issue leaving it on the drive with no one to sign for it. To parcel force who didn’t know how to use a phone. I have covered just about all couriers this month and I am so tired of them. 

Boiler issues – Thursday my boiler was finally condemned, noted as unfit to use, a danger sticker stuck on it. I don’t know if I am sad because it put up such a good fight or because I need to fork out for a new one. Part of me is pleased I will have a new boiler in to complete the kitchen. It is going to add a lot of value and will put my mind at ease but it has hit my New York saving fund rather hard. I have also now stocked up on Carbon monoxide alarms. All in the learning I guess, and I am quickly learning this is why people buy new builds. 

Working on a Sunday – I have a real thing for Sundays. To me, Sunday is a day for family, especially in the winter. It is more relaxed. Full of my favourite food, a cosy fire and I love nothing more than rounding the weekend off at my Grandma’s house with tea and biscuits. When I was at uni I absolutely hated travelling on a Sunday, so finding out I was needed in London Sunday afternoon until Monday night was a less than ideal situation. I love my job, there is no disputing that and the travel and staying away is part and parcel of it. However, it has been no secret over the last year or so the travel has been the part I enjoy the least. I have been working in the industry for nearly 7 years so the novelty of hotels and staying away just does not excite me. So think of me tonight, in a hotel unable to charge my phone and text at the same time, in a bed which feels so alien, (I do realise how ungrateful I sound, again another first world problem).

Feeling so pale – I haven’t been on holiday since September and the thought of fake tanning just fills me with dread its so much time hiding away from people whilst I sit on the sofa slowing changing colour but after photos from the weekend I realised I actually look ill I am so pale. The fake tan may need to come out or I might need to break this no holiday rule sooner than I thought. 



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