Todhpurs – One year on

It is our Birthday! Today marks one year since we started selling our boots. One crazy full year. A year of highs, stress and long hours. Along with travel, new people, learning and experiencing things I never dreamed of. It has been a year which surpassed expectations. With our black boots selling well we were able to put in an order for brown and oxblood boots. It has also been a year of learning curves and patience. It is safe to say it has not been the easiest year of my life but by far one of the most rewarding.
Todhpurs hit the shelves this year but the concept began back in the summer of 2015 between my two sisters and me. We kept the idea quiet. I was apprehensive it was going to be a pipe dream we never got off the ground. Yet within a few months, the designs were coming together and we started to meet with designers. Suddenly it all began to feel a little bit more real. For more background story check my blog out here.
Throughout the year I have learned much. From how to navigate around Magento websites updating pages. Social media which has been our main advertisement for the boots. I have become more confident talking to people and in myself and what I can achieve. I have begun to understand the passion behind bosses I have had in the past when something is your own. You will be the last one out there freezing your toes off to make sure you speak to everyone you can. I have learned to be more confident in my photography and tried more with photoshop. Direct marketing for promotional offers and to have confidence in what we feel is best for our brand. Most importantly I am learning to work alongside my two sisters (this is still a working progress).
We have managed all this whilst holding down full-time jobs. I have learned what we have managed to achieve in the first year is something to be proud of. Remembering not to expect a whole range of products in our first year of selling. Not only would it be financially impossible it would also be too much pressure on the time the three of us have. 

These are the things Todhpurs has taught me this year.

  1. To have patience – somethings are out of your control and becoming angry and emotional will 99% of the time not hurry things along.
  2. To be kind to everyone – you never know who you will meet and how they will help you
  3. All industries are different –  retail is bloody hard work and the startup overheads aren’t cheap
  4. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – Don’t take it personally
  5. Price brackets differ – know your target audience and stick to it
  6. Friends with businesses become your lifeline
  7. You will learn more than you will ever imagine
  8. You may think you love your full-time job but you never experience passion as much as when something has your name on it.
  9. To not take things too personally
  10. To utilise your time the best you can
  11. Learning to switch off – Having a full-time job is demanding enough so having a side project as well takes a lot of time. Don’t feel guilty if you need to switch off every now and then
  12. Working with your sisters will be a challenge you have never experienced elsewhere. No workplace has ever experienced before (well I hope they haven’t).
  13. Positive feedback will always outweigh any doubters you have but a thick skin always helps
  14. To know your product inside out – you never know what questions you will be asked and no one likes a blagger
  15. To never give up. Some days are tough others are the most rewarding but they are all worth it when you receive another lovely note from a customer.

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