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Everything finally feels on the up. Payday has finally arrived, our new boots are here, my boiler is fitted and I am slowly returning my house back to a sane state. This month has been full of so many highs and lows I don’t know if I am coming or going but alas the last week of January is upon us, the nights seem to be a little brighter when we leave work and I finally feel I have a spring in my step and a bucket load of motivation. Although this may be solely down to The greatest showman playlist I have had on repeat since 6 am this morning. 

Going up

The greatest showman – Thursday night I went to see the Greatest Showman, and god I am so glad I watched it in the cinema. If you have not yet seen this, go. I am a massive fan of musicals, I have been waiting to see this since Christmas so I jumped at the chance on Thursday night to go. The hype does not do this film justice it is brilliant, the soundtrack is amazing. It is so uplifting and motivating. The songs are beyond catchy, there were several times I went to clap at the end of a song forgetting I was in the cinema (yup I am one of those) so if the January blues are still taking hold, go see this, you will not regret it. 

Friend parcels – As I mentioned above this week has been full of ups and downs. I guess I have been a little hormonal I don’t know but one moment I have felt elated from something and the next moment something kitchen related has probably left me close to tears. I am so fortunate to have friends to lean on, ones which will listen to me moan without telling me to stop. On Monday I came home at lunch to a parcel waiting for me. I never have deliveries sent to my home address so I instantly knew it must be a gift. And it was, my lovely friend Alex had sent me chocolate in the post. It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture which left me smiling all afternoon. 

Having some time off work – I am one of those losers who never use all their work holiday by the end of the year. With the holiday and over time I already need to use I decided some time off wouldn’t be a bad thing. A long lie in back at home and a chance to begin to get my house back in order was just what I needed. I am going to make sure I use my time away from work better this year and enjoy a bit more me time.  

Going down

My bloody house – I am honestly beyond pleased with how my kitchen looks and I will be uploading some photos soon, although if you have been watching my instastories lately you are probably already bored of it. The boiler has finally been replaced and the kitchen is nearly complete. However, the small jobs feel never-ending. I still need to decide on tiles and paint. I need a windowsill, some electric work doing and a radiator fitting, oh and let’s not forget the door. In true my luck fashion the lovely doormat I bought from next doesn’t actually fit under my shit front door. After a long day, this was far too overwhelming for me to comprehend. It has just been one of those times, it will all be worth it when I get to sell the place and move somewhere pretty and fully finished. Renovation projects are not for me. Not that I have really lifted a finger. 

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