Six Great things which happened in January

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I stopped writing my monthly reflective posts as they often seemed to clash with my weekly round-up posts. However, I thought for my own sake (so you can stop reading this drivel now if you wish) I would jot down six great things which happened this month. 

January has felt bloody long. Celebrating NYE last month feels as though it was another lifetime ago, not 30 little days. I feel I have achieved so much in these 30 days but it was a pretty stressful start to the year.

I had joked I was going to start my new year in February with the Chinese celebrations because to me this month has felt so full of ups and downs. I have never known a month where I have been delivered good news and then bad news two minutes later and vice versa.  Instead of writing January and 2018 off so quickly I thought a little post on just six things which have been great this month might just do the trick.

Whole Kitchen Transformation – I am sure you are all tired of the kitchen update now. And to be honest I am too. The kitchen was a good majority of my stress, however, I am so proud of how far it has come. It was always going to be a bigger challenge than I thought. The budget was always going to be blown and there was always going to be problems I could not anticipate. And all of the above is true. Yet 30 days is not a long time to achieve a full kitchen renovation when I have zero DIY skills and I have been living elsewhere. 

A Whole lot of family time – My family are my absolute World. Sure they drive me mad 110% of the time but I still love them unconditionally nonetheless. After so much time with them over Christmas, instead of craving time away from them, it made me realise how nice it is to just take some time out and spend some quality time with them. January has been filled with some of my favourite family occasions which I am very grateful for. 

Weekends in my favourite city – January can be a month where I hide away. Trying to get my life in order for the rest of the year. This year I wanted to do January a little different. I wanted to make sure I made the month as exciting as the others. In hindsight, I may have bitten off more than I can chew but that does not matter. I managed to squeeze in two London trips this month, one for a bottomless brunch birthday which was so much fun and another for work. Getting away to London always puts a spring in my step, so I am going to try and keep up the visits throughout the other months. 

Treating myself to things I already know will be some of my favourite purchases this year – Treating myself to some lovely purchases really made January less blue. My coat from Espirt was one of my favourite purchases I think I have ever made. I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. Having little treats to look forward to has been so rewarding and makes working so hard worth it. 

Having the best bunch of friends – I know this may seem a bit of a cop-out. My friends are around every month of the year, and they are bloody amazing every month of the year. But its times when I am feeling stressed or a bit lost I realise how fortunate I am to have such lovely girls in my life. From arranging a catch-up, encouraging comments to invites for dinner and little pick me ups sent in the post. I have never felt so well looked after by a great bunch, and if that is not a note to start the New Year on, I don’t know what is.  

Todhpurs arriving – Our brown and Oxblood boots finally arrived on the 25th January. A year to the day our black boots arrived. This was not planned. Unfortunately, the boots were supposed to have been delivered back in November but we had a few setbacks. They arrived whilst I was off work which was perfect timing. It gave me chance to organise them all and work on some new campaigns. I won’t bore you with any more Todhpurs talk but it is something I am really grateful we have worked so hard on. We treated ourselves to a lovely Italian meal the 3 of us and our Dad at Casa Romana in Leicester. I want to mark the occasion every year to see how far we have come. 

So in hindsight, January has really not been that bad at all. And I haven’t even mentioned how warm my new boiler makes the house, Scottish Power to say my direct debit has been reduced, vitality sending me £50. Dinner in my favourite places. I have discovered new places this month, met new people and made new memories. So yeah my doormat didn’t fit and my boiler may have tried to kill me in my sleep but all in all January, you have not been too bad. Nonetheless, I expect better next year. 

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