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February is here, and I already feel so much more positive. I don’t know if it is because the majority of difficult jobs in the kitchen are now all complete. Or the spring-ish weather we have been graced with this week but I am back to feeling my old self and it feels pretty good. I loved this week. I have made it to the 6:30 am spin class twice, something I hope I can keep up at least until the summer. I feel better every time I leave the class. I have made more of my time and finally felt I have the motivation to say yes back. The version of me I love. It is amazing how upbeat seeing a few friends, things going your way, a few endorphins and a bit of sunshine can make you feel. These are my weekly trends this week.
Going up 
Healthier diet- I won’t bang on about the spin class anymore as I have only been to two. When I am back into a full routine of months of going then I will wax lyrical about them unapologetically. However with exercise on the rise lately I decided the half-arsed effort of eating better after Christmas need to ramp up a gear. I have made more salads, drank more green juices and packed my diet with more fruit and vegetables. It took a few days to get past the carb cravings but I think I am there. I am still eating the odd treat now and then when I crave them. I do find I have been reaching for the healthier options and feeling much happier, much fresher for it.
Making more of mornings – I knew gym every morning would not be sustainable. I am sticking to two mornings a week, yoga on a Wednesday and then something Tuesday and Friday evenings. I did notice the difference in how I felt the mornings I was waking up at 6 compared to waking up at 7. I don’t know whether it is because I snooze for another 45 minutes when my alarm goes of at 7. Whether perhaps it disrupted a sleep pattern but it is always a struggle for me. So after the success of my mini January goals, my February goals are to make more of my mornings. This could be a house job, a walk with Dougal, some mediation, or reading. Achieving something before I sit down at my desk makes me feel more motivated about the day ahead.
Afternoon tea and Stapleford Park – Yesterday marked 15 years since my Grandad passed away, I can still remember it like yesterday. I always feel guilty I was quite young when it happened. I was 12. I am fortunate enough to have known my Grandad and have some fond memories of him and his character to last me. Yet it always gets me each year that I have had more years without him in my life than I had with him. That aside (because he wouldn’t have wanted us to mope like this). To mark the day in a positive light, my Mum, two sisters and I treated my Grandma to afternoon tea at Stapleford Park, Melton Mowbray. My friend had her day 1 wedding there and I instantly fell in love with the hotel. So when she suggested it for afternoon tea I did not hesitate to book us in. I wholeheartedly recommend this hotel if you are looking for a very traditional, cosy afternoon tea. The service was the best I have been greeted by and the food was delicious, I already cannot wait for an occasion to go back.
A week full of friends. – Some weeks I can go the majority of days without seeing a soul apart from work colleagues, others are jam-packed with social occasions. I am always grateful I work with a team of people who I genuinely enjoy spending time with. I also have two of my closest friends in my sisters so I never feel as though I haven’t had time with people I care about. This week, however, I managed to fill it with lunch dates, dinner plans, cocktails and dog walks. I am so lucky these wonderful people are happy to spend their time with me. I had many occasions where I laughed until I cried, consumed yummy food and reminded myself how lucky I am. 
Going down 
My addiction to the greatest showman soundtrack – honestly cannot stop, there is not a song I don’t love. I don’t know who despises it more the dog or my neighbours. 
Being so pale I am almost transparent. – I usually go on more holidays, make more effort fake tanning and don’t shout at me go for a couple of sunbeds. I don’t know why but lately I have slacked on all. (the holidays is due to insufficient funds) and I guess the fake tan is laziness. The sunbeds, well the obvious not want of skin cancer and wrinkles. I am so pale I honestly feel invisible. #firstworldproblems. I need to sort it out. Are there any easy fake tan recommendations you have? I want something instant, something I don’t have to hide in the house for 8 hours, one which doesn’t stain my sheets or smell so fake tan like
’tis, not the season – I don’t want to wish this year away. Every September I always struggle to get my head around how fast the year goes. This time I am really trying to enjoy the moment more and fit as much as I can in. This week I felt so excited when the sun was shining and the temperatures crept up a bit. It finally felt spring was beginning to show it faces. The daffodils and snowdrops are growing and I had to remind myself it was still January. Then as I write this I have deiced my car, battled winds to get to work and feel positively freezing again. Winter is not my favourite season by any stretch.

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