My Spring Beauty Wish list

I know I am getting rather ahead of myself with all my talk of spring, especially as we have been submerged into more snow and frost filled mornings. But with the glimpse of sunshine last week and the desperate need for a bit more glow on my skin I can’t wait to spruce up my makeup and skincare routine for spring. I am desperate to get a bit more colour on the go as I have been makeup-less for a good 98% of this winter and I think it could almost be verging on self-care to add a little makeup to my morning routine. These are ten products I am desperate to get my hands on this spring. 

  1. Charlotte Tilbury overnight bronze and glow mask, I have noticed this product popping up every recently, it is exactly what my skin is missing, a little glow. I don’t like to wear make-up in the day but I do miss having the healthy glow from summer. There is nothing sunkissed about my skin at the moment, so if I make any upgrades for summer it 100% will be this. 
  2. Glossier Cloud Paint – I am lazy with my makeup in the winter so blush is often neglected yet in the spring and summer I love it. I always notice how good blush looks on others but I struggle to find a blush powder with enough pigment in them for me so a cream blush is ideal for my complexion. 
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick – Bitch Perfect – I love nudes but definitely prefer a pinkier nude in the spring and summer, this limited edition shade has just a little more pigment than pillow talk which I like.
  4. Glossier face highlighter – I want this highlighter in both Topaz (when I have that summer glow) and quartz which is a far more realistic colour for me. I have heard amazing things about these highlighters, I have tried a few highlighters in the past and found stick highlights apply more effectively on my skin. The Topaz will be perfect for a holiday.  
  5. Glossier balm dot com, the general consensus is this is the only lip balm needed to save your lips. I have purchased this previously as a present but never treated myself one so this will definitely be heading into my spring summer makeup bag.
  6.  Glossier Priming moisturizing rich (a bit of a Glossier theme eh?) at the moment I am using the body shop vitamin c morning boost moisturiser, it is brilliant. I do however try to mix my moisturisers up. Staying on the Glossier theme the reviews for this product has been really positive so cannot wait to try it.
  7. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey perfume, Jo Malone fragrances are my absolute favourite. I have been wearing the Peony and Blush cologne for 3 ish years now, I wear it all year. I love the floral scents and how it makes me feel summery even on the coldest day. For spring I want to treat myself to a 30ml bottle of the Nectarine Blossom and Honey fragrance, I like the fruity scent it will be a subtle mix up without deviating too far away from perfume I know suits me.
  8. Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land, This was a difficult decision there are three Byredo perfumes I love. They are rather pricey for me, I don’t usually spend this much on perfumes but I love these scents. The Rose of No Man’s Land is perfect for spring, the rose, pepper and raspberry scents is exactly what I need to start my day to feel springish.
  9. Glossier Boy Brow This was the product which made me aware of Glossier, I have stopped doing much with my eyebrows (don’t panic they are still threaded) but in the summer I try to get away with brows and mascara so I will be adding this to my Glossier collection.
  10.  And other stories Miami Muse Hand soap, I don’t change soaps for the seasons although I do prefer a fruitier fragrance in the spring and summer which are apparent in perfume choices, I just want this for my new kitchen because I love the smell and the colour. I also wanted an eau de toilette fragrance from And other stories too but they are no longer available online *sobs*

These are my spring wish list products, do you have any recommendations for me?

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