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Happy Monday, Sorry for the delay, I just fancied a digital free weekend. I kept my phone on plane mode for the majority of it as I was aware I was probably boring everyone with my slow kitchen progress. It was bliss. February is feeling a lot more positive and proactive than January. I managed to clear the lounge enough to have some nights chilling on the sofa and plans have started to come together for the year. I couldn’t think of many things to go in the going down section apart from my lack of Diy skills but I thought I would save the negativity and focus on the things I have loved this week. 

Little digital detox – And I mean little. I love my phone, I am not going to apologise for it. I guess I am a little addicted to it yet I know I can 100% be without it. I love staying connected to people, I love being able to whatsApp my friends and I love social media. Most importantly I love how much it can give us at the touch of a few buttons. I really don’t see why there is such a bad stigma attached to enjoying your phone, I pay for things on it, buy things with it, I console friends, give advice, cheer people up, organise trips, make plans, search for plans, make reservations everything done in a matter of minutes. And whilst I love the efficiency my phone gives me I do see the benefits of having a bit of time away from it. This has mainly stemmed from accidentally leaving my 4G on and it running down my data too fast and I didn’t want to buy any more. I have to admit I have really enjoyed not being at everyone’s beck and call. Only responding in my lunch hour or when I am home. I have started to leave my phone at home if I am going out with others or don’t need it and it has really chilled me out. I don’t feel the urgency to do something, or respond to others as I usually would. Whilst I am not at the stage I want to delete apps and remove myself from the digital world a little phone free time is doing me the world of good. 

Trying a more ethical diet – I am not going to preach about the meat-free life. I grew up on a farm so I am never going to be vegetarian. I grew up living on a farm, naively believing that all meat was bread and treated as well as the farmers around us treated their animals. Anyway, to save the vegetarian debate I have made a choice to become more ethical with my diet. This is not only with meat,  I want to be more mindful of where I buy coffee, fruit and vegetables etc as well. If I am shopping in supermarkets I am going to purchase meat-free alternatives and swap to locally sourced meat options from the butchers if I am cooking for others. I am going to make a conscious effort to only buy Fair Trade and Organic or not buy them at all.  Following on from Veganary (not something I entertained at all) is the countrysides own spin,  It is an opportunity to showcase the dairy industry in a more positive light, contrary to belief calves are not cruelly ripped away from their mothers so we can drink milk. I am not preaching or suggesting you should try it, you do what is best for you. 2018, however, I am going to become more responsible about where I buy my produce from. 

Wednesday morning lie in – On Wednesday I booked a last minute morning off to help my older sister make a start on the tiling. A mid-week lie in, no alarm and a productive morning was just what I needed. I did my yoga class and then went back to work and felt so fresh and motivated. I need to remember to not feel guilty about having time away from work if it is going to make me feel more positive and motivated towards it. 

Slow cooker meal – Tuesday I decided to whip up my favourite slow cooker meal, (the recipe will follow next week). The meal was a chicken, apricot and large couscous tagine. I love this meal, it is so easy, healthy and tastes amazing. It is such a nice feeling walking into the house, filled with hearty food smells and not having to wait for dinner to cook because it is all ready to go. The ingredients hardly cost me much and it serves so many people. I even had enough for lunch and dinner the next day. 

Fresh haircut – On Saturday I finally had my first haircut since May!! I know, my ends were as bad as you imagine. I absolutely love my hairdresser – Lotte from The Barn Hair and Beauty (if you are looking for the nicest hairdresser in the Midlands). It is such a treat going to see her, having my hair washed, cut and blow dried as we catch up over stuff. I forgot how confident and happy a fresh haircut makes me feel. I went home fake tanned and I feel like a new person, it was the winter pick me up I needed. I have booked in to have it coloured in June, I have never had my hair coloured before but I want some lighter shades in it for the summer so I am super excited about this. 

Farm filled weekend – This weekend I thought I would get away from it all for a bit. The stress of working full time, the demands of owning a company and the sense I should be doing more with this little space than I actually do has left me feeling as though I am doing as well as I should be lately. with my sisters both away, one sister on one of her many ski trips this year and the other elsewhere meant I was an only child all Sunday with my Mum. I had a lovely day, despite the death of our ducks by the fox which still breaks my heart. I spent all day in the stable yard, pampering the horses, walking Dougal and just getting away from it all. It was bliss, I cannot wait for the warmer weather when it makes being out there all day the best place to be.

I am really excited about this week, the nights are longer, its pancake day and I have so many plans with my friends. I will be back to normal on Sunday, Enjoy your week. 



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