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I hope I don’t spend the entire of the year commenting on how fast the weeks go by. However, starting the last full week of February next week feels absolutely insane. Where on earth is this time going? This week has been my favourite of 2018 so far. Work-wise things are going from strength to strength, but more importantly, I filled the days seeing my favourite people, cuddles with the dogs and giving myself a kick to exercise if I began to feel sluggish. I was hoping to get a few more blog posts uploaded but there has not been the time so I am just ticking over with these for now. This is my weekly roundup.

Going up 

Pancakes – I absolutely love pancakes, I always look forward to pancake day, over the years we have made it into girls catch up occasion which I am forever grateful. They are cheap and easy to make and everyone loves them.  This week I had my work team over for pancakes Tuesday lunchtime. My house is conveniently close to work made the perfect pancake consuming location, my dad came over Tuesday night where I whipped up a few more (because 3 at lunch was not enough) and then Thursday night my girls came round for an almighty pancake feast with a sickening amount of pancakes and toppings. I think the pancake was the reason I loved this week so much.  

Booking first trip of the year – Or this could be? On Wednesday, valentines day to the majority of you. For me, it was the day I and the girls booked our first holiday of the year. We have booked a week in Ibiza in June. I have never been before so I am ridiculously excited to explore the island and lounge in the sun for 7 days. It is nice to have something to look forward to and something to keep my diet and exercise on track for. I am looking forward to booking a few more things in 2018 too. 

The light evenings creeping back in – This week I noticed my dog walks after work were getting longer and longer. Without realising I was out for an hour and it was still light. I know it is a little thing but I love the lighter evenings. Having a life outside of work. I cannot wait for the clocks to go forward. I have loved having a bit of self-care over the winter, some lazy nights after work but I am definitely ready for the long evenings, time with the horses and fewer nights on the sofa.

Going down

Giving something up for Lent – I just could not think of one single thing I could give up. So if anyone has any recommendations I could start a few days late let me know. 

Virtual spin class – I have been sticking to my morning spin classes twice a week really quite well. It is not something I really look forward to but I do enjoy the feeling when I leave the class. I rocked up on Thursday (with zero energy) hoping to make it through the class when I was informed Richard the trainer wasn’t going to be there and it was a virtual class instead. I had a split second to decide whether I turned around and head back to bed or just gave the class a go. To my surprise I went to the class and whilst It wasn’t terrible it wasn’t my usual Thursday morning. I didn’t like the music. The instructors were good but had headpieces on and kept singing along to the songs out of breath which was annoying and it just wasn’t as difficult as my usual class. I don’t know whether it was due to me being at the back of the studio but it wasn’t as easy to follow. I can see the benefits of these if you wanted to do them at home, but for now I will be sticking to my indoor cycling class. 

Blogging – I won’t get too deep here but I am just not sure on this whole thing anymore. I love my blog and never expected it to be anything more than a little slice of the internet which I could dump some thoughts onto and share things I loved instead of driving my friends mad with recommodations. Yet I am really struggling with it. I am struggling to find time to write, struggling to think of things I want to write about. I don’t have time to read my favourite blogs at the moment which I think is part of the reason I keep forgetting about mine. I also don’t know what to do with it or where I want to go with it. So for now I will try to keep ticking by with it but I just don’t know. 

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