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Ah, another week done. Whilst I am happy we are slowly creeping towards spring, the fact my 28th birthday is upon me keeps sending me in waves of nauseous panic. Age has never bothered me before but as I creep up to my 30s self-doubt and constant comparison have begun to show their faces. The concern I am not hitting those benchmarks society and I set myself. Whilst I usually do well to knock these self-doubts away. And try to take the advice I so freely offer my friends when they come to me with compassion and age woes sometimes it can be difficult to remember how important it is to live in the moment and appreciate how well we are all doing. It is so easy to push aside the massive daily achievements because we are always focused on the future, the next fix of excitement, adrenaline. So this week I have really tried to take a step back, appreciate time with my family and not worry too much what I can do next week to make myself feel better. This week has been another goodun’ so I decided as I  could narrow the list of great things down I would only cover the things I have loved this week.  

Going up

The Darkest Hour– I ended last weekend with a trip to the cinema to see The Darkest Hour with my Dad. I have been waiting to see this film for so long. I love Winston Churchill but I have to admit apart from his leadership through the war my admiration purely goes to his use of the English language. I didn’t really know as a politician how he was regarded. I have watched and read a few things with him in but it was always in the midst of his career. The film was brilliant, I laughed, I cried and when it finished I couldn’t wait to see it again. I would really recommend watching it if you can. 

Family gatherings for my sister’s birthday – There are a few benefits to separated parents, the best has to be dragging birthdays out for longer than necessary. On Wednesday it was my older sister’s Birthday. To keep both parents happy we went out with my Dad on Tuesday and had a family meal at my Mum’s Wednesday. All our birthdays follow this structure and I love it. On Tuesday Dad treated us to a lovely meal at Barnacles restaurant near Hinckley. This is my favourite (My sister loved it too) seafood restaurant in Leicestershire. I ordered my favourite Lobster and crab pasta followed by a creme brulee and a bottle of picpoul de pinet. The food and service was as amazing as ever and the evening was filled with lots of catch ups of my younger sisters ski holiday, my older sisters plans for her weekend away and lots of laughter it was a great way to start the week. On Wednesday we had our traditional family evening at my Mum’s which is always a laid-back affair with too much food. It is always nice we can celebrate birthdays with everyone. 

The worlds best Macaron from my sister- My sister has been lucky enough to have two ski holidays this month which means I am looking after her dog Indie for the duration. In return I always get macrons (she knows the way to keep me happy). After handing the dog back, the gift of macarons is my favourite part of my sister coming home. This week she returned from Mont Blanc with the BEST macarons EVER. The two salted caramel was pure caramel and beyond delicious and the raspberry was just incredible, not to mention the rest. She bought them from Chalet4810 if you are ever close to one buy some, you won’t regret it. 

A quick trip to Nottingham Crowne Plaza and a lazy lunch – on Tuesday I whizzed (by whizzed I mean sat at 50 mph because that is the M1 in the Midlands) up to Nottingham to the Crowne Plaza for a quick site visit for a future event. I have always liked Crowne Plazas and even more so in recent years since their massive redevelopment but this one was a complete surprise. located in the centre of Nottingham this hotel is every Instagramers dream. Decorated in an industrial feel, with coppers, greys and plenty of warm lighting I fell in love with in straight the way. It was a lovely sunny day so the idea was to have a quick look round Nottingham over lunch but I did not want to leave the hotel so I made myself comfy and treated myself to a hot chocolate and a club sandwich before heading back home. If you are ever looking to explore Nottingham and the surrounding area check out this hotel it is incredible.

Finally finishing the kitchen with new skills – On Monday night I gave up waiting for my older sister to ever be free to help me out and decided after watching a Youtube video (you know one video and I am a pro) to have a go at grouting my kitchen to get it finished. I had my reservations. I had put so much into this kitchen, made sure nothing was scrimped on I didn’t want to mess it up at the last hurdle because I am the most impatient person on the planet. To mine and everyone else’s surprise it actually went really bloody well and now I have a complete kitchen. Yes there are still a few jobs which need finishing which I have vowed will get done but it is now usable and I no longer need to make food in the dining room. An updated blog will follow soon. 

On the fringe of it podcast – I wasn’t sure about this podcast the first week, not because it wasn’t good, it is brilliant. I wasn’t sure if I could fit another ‘chatty’ podcast into my week. I already listen to Keeping it candid and didn’t know if my podcast routine needed jazzing up a bit. However, I continued with this into week two and I am so pleased I did. It is bloody brilliant. I follow Oliva on Instagram and her blog and she has always come across very upbeat and positive and that is exactly how she and (name) are in this podcast. I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself on Wednesday, god knows why. this was exactly what I needed, It had me chuckling the whole way through and had some many little memos I needed to keep for myself. Anyone looking for a bit of a boost or just an easy listen subscribe because it really lifted my mood. 





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